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by Andrea Jackson

What could be the possible cause for my 6 months old baby to be vomiting more than once within a few hours, clear to yellow mucus?

I am worried that she is sick.

Baby Help Line:

Why A Baby May Vomit Yellow Mucus

In my experience, the most common reason why a baby vomits mucus is because of a cold. When the baby has a stopped up nose and a lot of mucus from a cold, they tend to swallow it. And then, especially if the mucus is thick, many babies throw it up. It can happen while coughing and other times too. Babies tend to throw up much more easily than adults.

Some babies also vomit more easily than others. Does your baby spit up a lot in general? If she does, then it probably doesn’t take too much mucus for her to start throwing it up.

Another possibility would be that your baby has a stomach bug. In such case, after emptying her stomach content, she could be vomiting mucus. But you don’t mention any particular signs of illness, so my bet is a cold.

Introduction of new foods could also trigger vomiting for babies, if they are sensitive to the new foods being introduced. But in such case they would mainly throw up after eating and not only clear or yellow mucus.

Finally, she could be teething and thereby swallowing more salivia than usual – and then spit up clear to yellow mucus/salivia.

I hope this helps,


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Jun 29, 2013

My baby vomits clear mucus too
by: Ciottina

my 7 month old baby vomits clear mucus too.
it happened a couple of times already, but last time it was a lot , I got scared and brought him to the doctor, but they couldn’t tell me any precise reason, since he had a runny nose, they think he might be swallowing mucus, but that the stomach produces mucus too…..so maybe the virus went from the nose into his stomach…..I really don’t know what to think, I had given him antihistamin for runny nose and though that would dry mucus in his body, but obviously it didn’t…I wonder if it happens again if I should go to an ear, throat specialist or gastroenterologyst…….

Nov 07, 2013

by: Anonymous

My baby brother had the same thing except at 8 months. Take him to the emergency room if you think it is a stomach flu. Is he eating? If not so take him to the emergency room as soon as possible! You don’t want a small baby to get dehydrated.

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