I have had two miscarriages

by Grace
(Williams Lake)

Hi. I have had 2 recent miscarriages 1 on aug 29th 2010 and 1 on dec 4th 2010 both before 12 weeks the doctor told me it was genetic the chromosomes. I want to try get pregnant as soon as possible. Two losses and having to wait a along time is horrible. I have had 1 period since then and am not on and birth control or using protection.I don't want to take anything like that I just want to let things happen the way its suppose to be. Me and my boyfriend are ready and will be wonderful loving parents. I do feel stronger after having 2 m/c's I pray that when we get pregnant everything goes great. What chance do you think I have of having a full term no miscarriage pregnancy? Someone please give me some answers on what I should do.

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I have had two miscarriages

Jan 16, 2011
So sorry to hear...
by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

Hi Grace,

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I have only had one miscarriage myself, but I have a couple of friends, who have struggled with several miscarriages before becoming parents.

One thing that puzzles me is that your doctor said that the reason for the miscarriages is your genes. How can he know that? Have they carried out a thorough investigation to find out the reasons for your losses? If not, I can't really understand how he knows. It is true that in most cases early miscarriages are due to something being wrong with the fetus and probably just by chance. This is also the reason why no investigation is carried out in most places until a couple has experienced 3 miscarriages at least.

After "only" one or two miscarriages, chances are still very good that the next pregnancy will be successful. After three consecutive miscarriages, though, statistics show that there is more likely to be a underlying cause or causes and so tests are usually offered at this point.

This doesn't mean that it is possible to find a cause at this point or that the fourth or fifth pregnancy can go on to full-term. It simply means that an investigation is done to see if there is any medication or similar that is needed or if something in particular is causing the miscarriages.

But for you, chances are still very good!

To minimize the risk of miscarriage, make sure you don't smoke, drink alcohol, or stress too much. Eat a healthy diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables and a good prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid, like the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal, for example.

I really wish you good luck! Let us know when you have a successful pregnancy going on!

Warm wishes,


Jan 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the info and no the doctor did not take any further action at all. He figured it was the chromosomes since I did not have any infection or d&c in both miscarriages. The doctors that I seen just figured I am too young and have no feelings at all. I am 15 years old I am in love and have been with my love for 5 years on may 22nd 2011. I am home-schooling and am getting a job both and my boyfriend will be able to provide for our baby.If you understand where I'm coming from thanl you. These past m/c's have been devastating. They were so close together ugh...Horrible.

The first one me and a group I was in went to the playland in Vancouver on aug 16th and got back on the 20th. Before going I had no idea I was pregnant because my period wasn't expected till the 19th. When the 19 came I didn't get it and got sick after going on rides when we were going back to the hotel. Our teachers suspected that I might be pregnant, I thought no I cant be so i didn't buy a test. On the 20th when we were at the mall I felt ill, tired, and weird so I said to my friends what if I am pregnant right away we when to the pharmacy to find and buy a test. I went to the bathroom waited 3 mins and sure enough a faint cross appeared. Wow, I thought. I was shocked then I realized I'm gonna be a mom and I was thrilled my mom excepted so everything was great.

We ended up moving to a new place shortly after every thing was fine then on aug 29th i miscarried. The doctor said well did you even want it your very young like of course I wanted to have my baby what a dumba## he said that the rides were not the cause it was probably chromosomes.

Jan 16, 2011
continuing on to the 2nd Miscarriage
by: grace

Then on Nov 3rd I conceived again. I had no doctor at the time so we bought a test on the 27 of November because my period was late, I should have got it on the 19th or 20th. It was positive then a day after a family member brought a clearblue test to see how many weeks I was and its said 2-3 indicating that i was actually 4-5 weeks. We were so happy, I thought my lost baby came back to me. But little did we know I was at a high risk. We were not informed when we seen a nurse and conformed the pregnancy that I was at a high risk. Me and my b/f decided to have sex on dec 4th and i was bleeding we rushed to the hospital the doctor did a internal exam and said that my cervix was slightly opened and that i was going to miscarry. The worst thing a women can ever hear. I've never felt so much pain and suffering in my whole life. I lost my baby again - god why are you doing this to me is all i could say crying to myself everyday. Again this different doctor said it was prob the chromosones. I am not on any b/c and I want to get pregnant but plan it for 1-2 months from now jan 16th 2011.

Do you think I can have a healthy pregnancy and baby with no m/c. I need answers so bad and these doctors wont give me any. I am not too young to have and care for a baby me and my b/f are going to get married when we can which is soon. Our longed for baby will be born in the most safe loving world ever.

Please ladies who understand me fill my head with positive and no negative I can't handle anymore negative. All me and my boyfriend want is a child to seal the love we have together forever he wants to be a dad and he will be an awesome father as I will be a wonderful mother.

Anybody, everybody comment to me about what you think and if you think I have a chance of not miscarrying again please?

May 15, 2011
Are you feeling better, Grace?
by: Paula

Hi Grace,

It has been a few months now, Grace; how are you? You were so sad back in January. I truly hope you are feeling better, and that maybe you are even pregnant by now.

Warm wishes,


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