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10 Ideas On Gifts for Mom

Gifts For MomThe first time I was a new mommy, my sister gave me a whole basket of gifts for mom. Or well, actually they were gifts for our newborn baby, but I was so thrilled by the idea of a whole basket of gifts for us! The basket contained 10 parcels with stuff like baby clothes, bibs, toys, a soft blanket and more. Much like the things you might get on a baby shower.

It was just so great to get these things right after the baby was born; being an overwhelmed, very happy new mom, with a bleeding, aching body.

Apparently this is a Dutch tradition – the first 10 days with a new baby, mom and the new infant should just rest, get to know each other and there should be one gift for mom (and her baby) every day. A wonderful tradition!

Here I’ve gathered some gifts for mom that can be fun to get as a new mother (or a more experienced one).

10 Great Gifts for Mom

A cool diaper bag

Babies need diapers. Moms need cool diaper bags. It’s as simple as that! For a great selection on diaper bags, check out Amazon for inspiration.

If you need tips on how to choose a good diaper bag, read this article.


A friend of mine received a new diamond ring for every baby she gave birth to. (Well, she had two babies, don’t know what had happened if she had continued with five more…) Anyway, I really think that was a nice gesture by her husband. “You’ve done a great job carrying and giving birth to our daughter/son.” And a ring with the baby’s name and birth date engraved. Wonderful!

(Tips to dads: Moms like getting all kinds of jewelry, not just diamond rings, so money is not an issue.) You’ll find a selection of jewelry for different wallets at Amazon.

Baby magazine subscription

Many moms are simply too tired and get disturbed too often to be able to concentrate enough to read a real book. Magazine subscriptions are a great gift for any new mom. A baby magazine is very likely to be popular, but just about any magazine that relates to Mom’s interests is good.

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Magazine Deals Now! has a lot of really good offers on magazine subscriptions, such as American Baby Magazine and Elle and many, many more.

And also remember to check prices with Amazon, they are usually among the most competitive.

A large basket of healthy snacks

Breastfeeding moms are hungry. All the time! Healthy and tasty (and some not-so-healthy and even more tasty) snacks like nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and dark chocolate are great to have at hand for snacks between meals. Buy a nice looking bowl or basket and fill it up.
Or buy a ready made one, like this Healthy Gift Basket, sold through Amazon.

Post pregnancy exercise DVD

For Mom who has expressed very clearly that she wants to start exercising this can be a great gift for mom. For mom who is still just tired, don’t even think about it. Personally I like yoga and Pilates as a start after pregnancy. They focus getting the strength and mobility back, which many new moms really long for.

The DVD with Shiva Rea called Postnatal Yoga is a good choice. (Link opens to Amazon, where you can read reviews of the DVD.

Baby carrier

A baby carrier is a wonderful piece of baby gear. For many newborn babies it can be used right from the start. A big help if your baby is fussy or just prefers being carried around. A great help for Mom (and Dad). And yes, Madonna is absolutely right. Baby Bjorn is the best brand for baby carriers. I like their BABYBJORN Active Carrier very much, because the back support is excellent.

An IPad

My husband has found a new love… No, no not a new woman, but his IPad! He cuddles more with it than with me, hmmm. Well, I almost understand him. The newest IPads are really cool and quite handy for browsing the news online (or a great baby website) while feeding the little baby. Here’s the link to the newest iPad (at Amazon).

For a mom who is planning on going for walks with the baby, an IPod may be a better gift than an IPad. Some cool music, a pair of good new walking shoes and the post pregnancy belly will be gone in no time. Yes!

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A nice nursing top

A breastfeeding mom is always short of cool tops. Buy her a really nice nursing top. Not just casual wear, but something extra. And of course, cool tops are always good gifts for mom, breastfeeding or not!

You can read about our favorite nursing tank tops here.

The favorite film or TV show on DVD

A friend of mine, who is a really high executive in a large company, used her maternity leave to just relax. She bought the whole DVD Box of her favorite TV show and went to bed with her baby. She nursed him, watched TV and absolutely loved her time at home.

Why not give mom a film that she really loves or wants to see. She might just have time to watch it while feeding her baby.

A fun parenting book

If you want to give mom a parenting book, give one that you know she wants or one that is funny. If you are the mother-in-law, give her something else! For some people parenting books can be sensitive, so use your judgment.

Below you’ll find three books that are both helpful and fun about becoming a new mother:

An important tip: Mom (or mom-to-be), why don’t you “just happen” to keep this page with gifts for mom up when dad comes home from work, or your friends and family visit… Hopefully it will catch their eyes. I you want to be a bit more straight forward, bookmark it below and show it to dad or your friends or simply share it on Facebook below…

More For New Mom

That was it! If you have ideas on other gifts, please share below!