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4 Months Old Got Shots And Now Just Sleeps!

by Jennifer
(Des Moines, Iowa)

My 4-month-old daughter had shots this morning. Is it okay for her to sleep all day? If I do that, will she sleep tonight?? Should I try and wake her up every few hours?

Baby Help Line:

Sleepy Baby After Vaccination

I can’t say I have any supporting research (more than my kids) to say this, but let her sleep. Many babies become very tired after getting their shots, and they need to sleep. The fact that they are sleepy is actually a good sign that their immune system is working and starting to respond to the vaccination. If you’re lucky, she’ll have a really good night’s sleep too. I remember with my daughter, I used to joke with her doctor that I wanted my baby to have shots at least once per week – that was the only time she slept well at night. 😉

Our youngest wasn’t at all as affected. It is very individual.

Maybe she will wake up at night if she does sleep a lot today, but it’s just one night… Waking her up now during the day is likely to mean that you have a very cranky, awake baby. I’d let her have her rest.

Let me know how things went!

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