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Redness In Corner Of Left Eye Of My Baby

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redness in baby's eyeThe baby above is not the one referred to in the article. Photo by Raul

For the past one week, the corner of the left eye is red in color for my 8-month-old baby. We went to the pediatrician and he suggested Ciplox to be applied for 5 days – 5 drops a day. We have applied it for two days. It’s slightly reduced, but not much. What could this be?

Should we consult a Opthalmologist or should we wait for five complete days to see whether it goes off? Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance,
First time mom

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Advice When Baby Has Red Eye

Your baby should be fine, just keep applying her medicine. Her tear duct in her left eye probably got a little infected. It can be caused by a cold or any kind of debris that gets into the eye.

Be sure to try to keep her hands clean whenever you can and, if possible, watch that she does not touch her eyes, so that she does not spread the bacteria into the one that is not affected.

If you finish the medication and her eye is no better or gets red again then take her right back to the doctor. Hope she feels better soon. You can find some more discussion on babies with eye problems here:

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Nov 20, 2015 Redness in the Eye
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for your advice. We consulted an ophthalmologist and he said it was a minor allergy and suggested eye drops for ten days.Now she seems to be okay. For the past 6 days we have applied the drops, and we have to do it for four more days. The redness is slightly present, but I am confident that it will go away over the next few days.Thanks! 🙂

Nov 20, 2015 need little help
by: lisa

which eye drop the opthalmologist suggested to you. Was that the same one u were using?

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