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july 2016 blog income report

July 2016 is my seventh blog income report. I decided in January 2016 to focus more (i.e. at all) on what I earn from my blogging. You’ll find earlier blog income reports here.

July 2016, summer in full bloom (Yes!), and with that comes great weather and not-so-great website income and traffic numbers. That’s fine. Especially since I took 4 WEEKS off and still made money. There is a Swedish-American singer, Ace Wilder, who had a hit last year in Sweden where she sang “I don’t wanna work, I wanna make money while I sleep“. Well, this month, I really did! We went to LA for three weeks and then one week to the Swedish island Gotland. Wonderful experiences! But now we are all back to work and back to school.

Now, let’s see how I did with Easy Baby Life during July!

July 2016 Blog Income Report

  • Amazon – $41 Not much to brag about. Slooow summer month!
  • Shareasale – $17 Not literally from Shareasale, but from one of their mom-related merchants. Finally getting back to recommending high-quality products to my readers!
  • Mediavine Ad Network – $1,415

Grand total – 1,473 That’s a 16% decrease compared to June. I totally expected that. I took more free time this July than ever before, so totally OK with a bit lower income!

Blog Expenses July 2016

  • After a trial month, I started paying for the services of Boardbooster – $5. Not a steep cost for allowing the scheduling of 500 pins per month!
  • Aweber – $29.99 (Still considering other alternatives – maybe ConvertKit – what do you think..?)
  • Sucuri for website security – $16.66 per month (I paid for a full year immediately, $199, but will only count the cost for 1 month. SO. VERY. WORTH. IT.)
  • Cost for my new host A2, where I now splurge on a Managed VPS account – $55 (per month with all bells and whistles, 2-year contract)

Total costs – $107

Net Income July 2016 – $1,366

This is definitely down compared to last month mainly due to lower-income. Still so very much better than in January 2016!!

Let’s have a look at traffic numbers and finally RPM for the month.

Blog Traffic July 2016

Here are some screenshots from Google Analytics to show my traffic for July 2016.

june 2016 blog traffic

Ok, so this was a huge surprise. Pageviews are actually up almost 8,000 to 308,284. Even though July is one day longer than June, I still expected a decrease.

I’ve continued working a bit with Pinterest. It is a lot of fun, but oh, I wish I had started earlier!!! After I started a FREE trial with Boardbooster, last month, I decided to continue using it, even though it means paying for it. I only pay $5 for 500 pins per month. It is totally enough for me at least for now.

I also started my free trial with Tailwind, another Pinterest scheduling tool. I didn’t do this because I am unhappy with Boardbooster, but because I was invited to a so-called Tribe on Tailwind. This is a closed group that presents selected pins to each other and repin each other’s pins if they are relevant to your own boards. A great way to find good material to repin! So far, I think Tailwind is nowhere near as time-effective as Boardbooster, but on the other hand, they to some extent do different things. Boardbooster has nothing like the Tailwind tribes.

I am learning a lot right now!

Traffic sources are, as usual, mainly Google. But… Pinterest increased by 55% this month, compared to June!. And this is despite taking 4 weeks off. I know, I know, the level is still ridiculous but 55% is still 55%! :-) Boardbooster seems to be helping me more than I thought!

july 2016 blog traffic sources

Now putting all this together and calculating RPM (revenue per 1000 page views)…

Grand RPM is $4.78

Not too impressive. June RPM was 5.88. But May was actually exactly the same as July. It seems like the advertisers are on vacation too. :-)

My main takeaway this month is probably the benefit of Boardbooster. But I can also see that my Pinterest traffic is not exactly exploding. I have started to research Pinterest courses. I usually never invest in taking courses – maybe now I should. It just takes so much time to browse the Internet for everyone’s tips and tricks. And I am very impatient!

That was all for the July 2016 blogging income report! I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have on this. Please share by leaving a comment below! :-)

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Please let me know what you think about these blog income reports by leaving a comment below! :-)

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  1. Sarika Singh

    I always read income proof of the bloggers to whom I follow. But, sometimes I read Income proof of random bloggers. I can say, you have achieved a lot.Great going.

  2. Charlotte Burkholder

    Thanks Paula!

  3. April Serio

    This is awesome. I have been blogging but I’m still quite new for all this blog marketing. Thank you for the tips.

    1. Paula @easybabylife

      You are welcome! Good luck with your blog! :-)

  4. Charlotte Burkholder

    I would like to see more traffic from pinterest too. Think that the schedulers make a difference?

    1. Paula @easybabylife

      Hi Charlotte! Yes, I think the schedulers, especially Boardbooster has made a difference. Before I started using it traffic was just flat. I am just now starting to look at my August traffic and it continues up, despite it being summer. I took at Pinterest traffic class too in August and have started to implement those tips. (I will write about that in the August report soon. :-) But if you haven’t tested Boardbooster or Tailwind, at least sign up for their free trials – not much to lose!