blogging tipsWelcome to my blogging tips! I have run Easy Baby Life with passion for ten years. And I have learned a lot! Find my blogging tips here including blog income reports.

At the beginning of 2016, it became apparent to me that I really had to do something about my blog earnings. I had been working with the same advertising networks for several years, and some just didn’t perform at all anymore. While searching for new options, I tried several – and became really disappointed most of the time. I also found a couple of good ones.

BUT the searching also took me to several blog income reports, and I read them with great interest. Gah, some bloggers earn so much money. And with a lot less traffic than I receive. I’ve been so very lazy. Or focusing on the wrong things. And thereby losing out of substantial amounts of money probably. Not fun to realize after 10 years of blogging.

But after sulking for a while, I decided to do something about it. I will start publishing my own income reports! It is a bit embarrassing because I could be doing so much better… but this forces me to focus on making money in addition to writing and supporting parents. That’s what a businesswoman is supposed to do, right?

But despite whining over my lack of focus on income streams, I also realize that I do know a lot about blogging, search engines, structuring of a website, building and optimizing a website, and many other related topics – in addition to parenting and babies which of course is the very core of this blog. But for any mom – or anyone else – who is interested in blogging and making a bit of money, I will now start a new section of EasyBabyLife, focusing on blogging. It is actually a great way to make a bit of money while being home with a baby too. That’s how I started this blog. So, join me on a new ride as a parent – expressing yourself online!

My Blog Income Reports and Blogging Tips