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Pre-eclampsia, premature baby and drama, but now life is good.

This is my premature, traumatic birth story…

premature traumatic birth story
My son when he was born

Young and realised in week 12 that I was pregnant

I was 12 weeks along and 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I was still going to high school school and my boyfriend at the time was and still is working part time at Mc Donald’s. I was not and still not employed. (doesn’t sound so good but it is)

Everything was going great, it didn’t really seem like I was indeed pregnant cause it was so what you could call normal, I loved how he would move around and kick , but things were not good with my family that we were living with and still are not, but trying to get out.

High blood pressure and the problems begin

Anyway, I went to one of my normal monthly check ups but it wasn’t so normal all of a sudden. They did the normal things like urine test and all that jazz, but they said my blood pressure was a little higher than normal so they put me on bed rest and a 24 hour urine collect which all this happened Monday.

So we watched my blood pressure wasn’t doing so good Tuesday, then Wednesday rolls around and its time to go to the appointment. Everything seemed fine (that is to me), I get my blood taken and my jug of pee to be tested that same day with my blood. We went back into the doctors exam room.

We waited for him which seemed like hours and he finally came with the news at last. He told me that I had protein in my urine and I also had preeclampsia but it was mild at first, so that day I was admitted to the hospital around 10-11 am.

Everything was going crazy. All I wanted to do is be with my boyfriend I really didn’t want my family around; they were the reason for my blood pressure because when I admitted my blood pressure was 185/109!

Preeclampsia and mediacally induced

Finally after a few hours I was induced at 1 pm ish. Labor was slow and painful til the epidural, then I could handle it a bit more.

Around 6:45 I was ready to push but my doctor wasn’t there so I crossed my legs held onto the bed handle and waited til my doctor came. After a few minutes he was there.

I started to push at 6:56 am. After ten minutes of pushing and getting an episiotomy, my son arrived at 7:05 am weighing 5lbs even and 173/4 long.

My baby was not well

But I didn’t get to hold him, he wasn’t crying, he wasn’t breathing, his cord had been wrapped around his neck and he was grey.

My boyfriend still got to to cut the cord. He was then rushed over to his own little bed and his own team of nurse. My boyfriend leaned over to me and gave me a hug and kiss and said I did a good job and that he was beautiful.

I kept thinking “He isn’t supposed to be here until in 6 weeks . Why isn’t he crying? Is he gonna be ok?”

We were both so scared and I was so tired and in pain from the stiches. After watching his nurse work on him forever I got to hold him. He was perfect in every way. But still grey and had an oxygen mask on him, I peaked under his little hat and saw so much light red brown hair.

Baby to NICU with lung problems

Then they had to take him away from me and rushed him to the NICU. They hooked him all up and my boyfriend was able to go see him and took a picture for me. I couldn’t go because of my stiches. He came back with the picutre. He looked so small and helpless with all the tubes and wirse that surrouned him with his heat lamp, he was finally pink.

The nurse was so nice kind and sweet to me and my boyfriend; she understood our situation. But she also told me that his lungs weren’t developed all the way and he may come home on his actual due date or he may not.

All I could do was cry I was so scared that I lost him. Thank God I didn’t.

My doctor was so caring; he would come into check on me and told me what was going on, all my family came to visit and were supportive and my pastor did too.

After a day in the delivery room I was able to go see him in my wheel chair, but all I could do was touch him. I was wheeled to a recovery room where I could go down to the NICU all I wanted an we both did, we even had our little badges.

Then things started to improve

After a week in the NICU he was strong enough to go to the special care nursery. He was fed with a bottle and breathed normal air now. But couldn’t eat a whole bottle so had a feeding tube. Gosh I wish I could be there 24 hours a day but I had to go home because of my mom.

After another week he was finally able to go home, we were so happy but still drama. As always.

Now he’s a healthy wonderful bouncing 7 month old who is so blessed to be here and so perfect. Still drama but were getting out and going to doing our own thing from now on even if we do live in the same house as my evil mother.

Everything is going good. Baby boy is growing fast me and my boyfriend are going to get married soon. Life is good. I was young but I don’t regret it at all never would take any of it back.

by Alicia C. Young

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  1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

    Thank you so much for sharing your birth story, Alicia!

    How scary with all the drama at birth, but wonderful to hear that your son is now healthy and fine.

    Good luck with finding and creating a home and family of your own 🙂

  2. Avatar

    What an amazing story!

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