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The Coming of My Keshaun – Quick Labor, No Time For Pain Relief!

quick childbirth no time for pain relief

My baby came some so quickly that I didn’t have time for the epidural I wanted. But it was actually ok. I am happy that I had a quick labor!

My contractions started around 5:45 am the time I. Will never forget because it is the beginning of reality. They weren’t that bad yet so I went back to sleep.

Then around 7:20 I awoke again to contractions I was about to get ready for school but I started throwing up and my mom told me that I was in labor. Instead of going to school and getting in the tub, I went to labor & delivery where I found out I was 3 cm dilated, so I laid in the room I got checked in.

Then they had me sign papers while in labor then they checked me an hour and a half later and I was 9 and a half cm dilated and that’s when I was put in my delivery room.

They hooked the monitors up to me and about 2 and a half hours later I gave birth to my son he was weighing 6lb 6oz 19.5 in. long. I didn’t even get to get the epidural that I had planned for.

But it was actually ok. I am happy that I had a quick labor!

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Feb 06, 2016

Wish I had a short labor too, mine was long…

by: Sonia

I envy you and hope my next labur will be shorter…
I was 2 days overdue with my first baby when I went into labor at 1am Tuesday morning. I had a very rough labor as I took so so so long to dilate 🙁 I was given a shot of pethidine only to make me worse and out of control; they had to give me another injection to rid me of the pethidine.

I went with nothing only showers and walking and the birthing ball until 12am Thursday night and I was finally 1 cm and was allowed the epidural, only forced on me as I was so so tired at that point they were afraid I would need a C-section if i didn’t take it. My boy was born at 8am Friday morning after 4 days in labor!

I am now 34wks pregnant on my second with awful back pain, pressure, stomach cramps, nesting and now diarrhea too!

I am hoping I go soon and praying go is good to me this time and I have a better birth.
No stitches on first born, natural no forceps etc so was a good birth in that sense 😉

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