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4 Month Old and Constipation – What Can I Give Baby As Remedy?

My 4-month-old has not pooped in 2 days. She usually poops every day. It must be very uncomfortable for her. She is grunting.

What can I give her to relieve the discomfort? Should I give her sugar, I heard that sugar can help at constipation for babies?

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Baby Constipated Or Not…

Are you sure that your baby really is constipated? 4 months old is a growth period and it may very well be that your baby is actually making use of practically all of the nutrition you’re giving her. Especially if she is breastfed, not pooping for a few days (up to a week or more actually) is completely normal.

However, if your baby is showing signs of constipation and particulary if you recently changed her diet, she might of course have problems. Here you’ll find a list of signs of constipation as wel as remedies here.

I don’t think your first option should be sugar. Prunes or apricots are better options in such case, since sugar is not good for any person’s health. For a 4-month-old, a few tea spoons of prune juice can be very effective.

Also, make sure you read all other questions on this Help Line regarding baby constipation, to find additional information.

Hope this helps, otherwise get back to me!

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Jan 15, 2013

pedia lax

by: Anonymous

Is it okay to give a 4 month old baby pedia lax.

Jun 13, 2013 My baby is two months old and he not pooping for 2 days, no poop at all. So I really worry about constipation

by: Sonu

I called a nurse, she told me to give Karo syrup , but that also did not work for him, so what can I do?

Jun 15, 2013 To Sonu: Breast- or bottlefed?
by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Sonu, is your baby breastfed or bottlefed? It is ONLY if your baby drinks formula, that not pooping for a couple of days is a concern at all.

Breastfed babies can go for many days without a bowel movement, while formulafed babies should usually poop at least every second day.

You can read about constipation in babies and some more remedies here. But really, don’t do anything, including Karo syrup, if your baby is breastfed.


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  • pooja

    My baby is 4 months old but he not pooping properly. I am worried about him.pls suggest

  • Fendi Abdullah

    try vitagen…

  • Apa Guna

    My DS is facing a bad constipation, always have to visit the doctor when my DS have cosntipation problem. But still, it
    will come again. Im so worry!!


    The remedies provided above is good and u can definitely try them out. But as a parent I think can consider looking for long term solution in this matter. U can try milk formula that contain prebiotics where it is very good for constipation prevention in children..

  • velibyjane

    My daughter used to have hard stool, thats why she has constipation problem.. My fren told me about Mamil and how effective it is. At first I don believe till i saw the changes in my daughter’s stool. It looks healthy.. Give a try for a week la cos it has high level of DHA and no sugar. The milk also contains pre-biotic.

  • Caraumun Chan

    Giving them more water to drink and try giving them prunes!

  • Michelle Lee

    DD is currently taking Mamil formula. Her poopoo is now very good and no more
    constipation problem already. I think better to switch to Mamil for those parents’ kids
    having constipation problem.