11 Weeks Pregnant (Fetal Age 9 Weeks)

Your baby has now graduated to a fetus and the most critical development period is over.

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11 weeks pregnant
11 weeks pregnant, your baby is no longer considered an embryo, since basically all organs have already developed. Of course, your child is still far from being able to survive outside the womb, but certainly inside. Risk of miscarriage is now going down rapidly.

Many pregnant moms are starting to feel better. Less nausea and exhaustion and a cute baby bump on its way. If you are still nauseated, you can learn about remedies for morning sickness here.

What To Expect During Pregnancy Week 11

Your Baby

11 weeks pregnant what baby looks like

Congratulations, your baby is now a fetus!

As of 11 weeks, the most critical stage of development is over. Now the rapid growth stage begins.

For those women who have thoughts of miscarriage in mind, your risk drop considerably soon. You can find miscarriage statistics week by week here.

Here is what is going on with your baby at 11 weeks pregnant:

  • Measuring 1.5 inches from crown to rump, your little one is about the size of a fig.
  • The toes and fingers of your baby have now separated and the webbed look your little one once had is gone. This is helpful when your baby starts opening and closing the fists as well as kicking and stretching every day.
  • Some of the bones in the fetus are beginning to harden and the tooth buds are still forming under the gums.
  • The diaphragm is forming, which can cause hiccups regularly for your little baby who is continuously swallowing fluid now, but you won't be able to feel those for a few more weeks yet.
  • The eyelids are still fused shut in order to help the irises develop underneath.
  • During this week, blood will begin to circulate between the baby and the uterus and the placenta begins to function entirely.


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Mom's Body

Some women find those annoying pregnancy symptoms are starting to ease up now.

Energy levels can be notably higher and you may get some of your appetite back, so don't be surprised if you start having those weird pregnancy cravings!

Certain smells may still bother you and those carrying twins may still be waiting for the day that their extreme nausea subsides.

You may notice some skin changes around this week as well.

Linea Nigra is a dark vertical line of pigmentation that may show up on your abdomen, but don't be alarmed. This is a very common thing and will subside after pregnancy. An old wife's tale is that a short linea nigra, only to the navel, means a girl and a long means a boy.

Your uterus is now above your pelvic bone that makes it easy for your medical provider to feel it during an external examination. If you lie down flat on your back, you might even be able to feel it yourself by pressing gently just above your pelvis bone.

If you are now less nauseted and tired, consider starting to exercise. An excellent prenatal yoga DVD is "Prenatal Yoga" With Shiva Rea.

You can read about the benefits of pregnancy yoga and good yoga positions during each trimester here.

Constipation is a common discomfort with women during this early time in pregnancy; sometimes it can be due to the prenatal vitamins that you are taking, while others find it is caused by the change in hormones that are slowing up digestion.

Either way, eating a balanced diet and getting enough fluids can help ease this symptom. You'll find more information about healthy eating during pregnancy here.

Prenatal testing can be part of your routine visit to your doctor if you are over 35 years of age or considered a high risk.

For other women, you may opt to go with prenatal testing just for your own piece of mind. In some places, you can choose not to take part in prenatal testing at all.

Remember to go with what you are personally comfortable with. It is your body and your baby and you should do what you feel is right, even now before the birth.

11 Weeks Pregnant Video

If seeing means believing for you; watch this video explaining explaining pregnancy week 11 in pictures and words.

Stuff To Buy This Week

Here are a few things you can get to support your pregnancy journey this week:

Diary of a Daughter

What's it really like being 11 weeks pregnant...? Here's a true diary from a 11 weeks pregnant mom-to-be. (Me..!)

Diary Of A Daughter

No miscarriage, no nausea, less tired and my baby bump is growing. I feel great!

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Week 11 Pregnancy Diaries

The above was my diary. What's it like for you to be 11 weeks pregnant? Share your thoughts and feelings by leaving a comment below.

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