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When you are 9 weeks pregnant, all of your baby’s major internal organs, like the heart, lungs and brain, have already been formed. The embryonic tail is nearly gone.

If you are very worried about miscarriage, ask for an ultrasound. If a beating heart is detected and you are not bleeding, the risk of miscarriage is much less than at the start of pregnancy. By 12 weeks of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced.

This article will cover fetal development, how big your baby is, what month you are actually in, and what’s happening with your body, mom.


Week 8 | Week 10

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What to Expect when 9 Weeks Pregnant

How Many Months is 9 Weeks Pregnant?

You have now started the third month of your pregnancy journey. That means that you have been pregnant for a full 2 months at this point. This is the last third of the first trimester.

People are often confused when it comes to counting the weeks and months of a pregnancy.

A full pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (or 280 days). To make things simpler, we usually say that it lasts for 9 months.

However, a month doesn’t last for exactly 4 weeks, because nearly every month has 30 or 31 days.  That is why we say that pregnancy lasts 9 months, although it lasts a bit longer, at around 9 months and one week, up to ten months in total (which is 40 weeks).

To avoid confusion, it is best to stick to weeks when talking about pregnancy, and that is also how your doctor will track your pregnancy.

The uncertainty is also common when discussing how many weeks/months pregnant you are versus what week/month of pregnancy you are in.

To reach a certain week or month of pregnancy, you first need to complete all the days (in case of weeks) or the weeks (in case of months) in it. So, as mentioned above, you have completed all the weeks in month 2 of pregnancy. That is why you are now pregnant for 2 months (months fully completed), but you are in your third month (the month you are currently “completing”).

Read more about counting the pregnancy weeks and months, as well as about calculating your due date and the difference in fetal and gestational age in this article.

Your Baby in Week 9

How Big is My Baby at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

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The fetal age of your baby is now 7 weeks.

This week, your baby is now just under an inch in length (1.6 to 2.2 cm) and weighs less than a tenth of an ounce (about 3 grams).

You can compare him or her to the size of a cherry or a small strawberry. You’ll find a handy (and cute!) chart for baby size by pregnancy week here, with more detailed measures and fruit comparisons.


What Does My Baby Look Like When 9 Weeks Pregnant?

9 weeks pregnant embryo

Your child is starting to take on a more human-like appearance rather than a tadpole as previously.

An important milestone happening this week is the disappearance of the embryonic tail that your baby had up until now.

The lips, nose, and eyelids continue to develop.

The eyelids are fused shut at this point and won’t open for quite some time until around week 28 (or sometimes a few weeks earlier, as seen in some ultrasound scans), even though the eyes are fully formed now.

Your baby’s arms and legs are moving spontaneously, but you will still have to wait some time to feel those tiny movements.

Fetal Development

Your baby’s development is intense right now. In addition to what has been described above, new little organs and features are being more and more developed hour by hour. It’s a fascinating journey!

All of the essential body parts and organs are forming. The rapid development and growth of all internal organs will take place over the weeks that follow. It goes so quickly, don’t you think?!

The different areas of the heart have finished repositioning to resemble the four chambers of the heart, and the valves are now forming to prepare for proper blood flow.

Your baby’s heart is beating quickly at around 150 to 170 times per minute. This is about double the rate of an adult’s heartbeat. The heartbeat can usually be seen and heard in an ultrasound.

Even tiny tooth buds start to form under those gums, just waiting to come out later on.

 Development of the outer and middle parts of the ears are finished.

The intestines are lengthening and may start folding into loops.

The external genitalia are also forming, although you will not be able to tell for some time if it is a little boy or a girl you will welcome into your home.

If you want to follow the development of your little embryo, check out these fetal development videos.

Mom’s Body

Your Belly in Week 9

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Is it possible to show when 9 weeks pregnant?

Well, even if your baby is still tiny, and your uterus hasn’t grown very much, some women do show a little bit, mainly due to being bloated.

And even if you don’t actually show, you can probably feel that your belly has expanded a bit. For some moms, it is soon time to shop for the first pair of maternity trousers. Or just use a bigger pair for a couple of weeks. Or – third and maybe the best choice, buy pant extenders. Such a smart invention!

You might have gained some weight now, even though, as mentioned, the baby, the placenta, the uterus, and so on, are not weighing very much yet.

You can check what the pregnancy weight gain comprises of here.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women may have known for weeks already and have gotten used to the idea of being pregnant, while others have been contemplating the many pregnancy symptoms with ifs and buts for the last few weeks.

Remember that there aren’t really any symptoms that you “should” be feeling. Pregnancy symptoms are highly individual, although some are definitely common to feel.

Mild cramping is normal at this point. A lot of changes are happening, and your body is making room for your baby to grow. However, if you experience more severe cramping or worry about the pain you feel, contact your doctor.

Mood swings can be rampant at this point in your pregnancy, and you might feel happy one moment and emotionally exhausted the next.

All of the hormones can be hard on your system, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different. You may find that your moods are mostly triggered by your anxiety about a new addition to the family, especially if this is an unplanned pregnancy.

Other women may find that their moods ease up around 10 weeks and they feel a little more back to normal.

Textbook pregnancy symptoms can be more apparent now than ever before with tender, fuller breasts, nausea, and heartburn.

f your morning sickness is really bad, “Beyond Morning Sickness” is a very helpful book.

You may also feel better by reading about the benefits of morning sickness here.

Focus on eating small, frequent meals. If it is hard to eat and not throw up afterward, try to find foods that work best for you. The sickness will stop eventually, and then you’ll be able to eat a variety of foods.

It is not unusual to feel bloated or experience gassiness because the hormones are relaxing your muscles, including the gastrointestinal tract. Some women might start to experience constipation. Eating smaller meals and drinking plenty of water might help relieve these symptoms also.

Your breasts are growing fuller and are more tender. Because the blood volume increases, the veins become more prominent, and you might notice them on the surface of your breasts. It is also possible that you’ll notice your nipples and areolas getting darker. If not now, then with time.

Even extreme fatigue can be a tip-off for those women who have yet to realize all that is going on within themselves.

It is normal if you feel exhausted. Your body is doing the most miraculous work of growing a tiny human being. And that is hard work. Sit and rest whenever you can and nap when you have a chance. Be gentle to yourself and your body.

You can learn about more pregnancy signs here.

Things to do and buy this week

Some women choose to wait to announce their big news until after week 12, while other women want to announce it earlier, especially if you have had an ultrasound scan that showed a live baby.

Taking your time to tell everyone is a personal decision and should not be rushed if you are still unsure about telling your neighbor or even your parents.

Some women will let their best friends or sisters in on the secret while others have to wait. No matter your preference, it is just that—your own choice (OK, and that of your partner, of course. 😊 )

If you are anxious about miscarriage, you can ask your midwife or OB/Gyn for an ultrasound. Studies have shown that if a beating heart is detected during the 8th to 9th week of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage decreases, at least for pregnant women who are not bleeding and have not experienced repeated miscarriages before.

You can learn more about miscarriage statistics by week here.

What else to do this week..?

Well, in addition to continuing with self-care and prenatal vitamins, it is actually a good idea to start shopping around for maternity clothes. Especially trousers. As a start, you can browse maternity trousers at Amazon for inspiration.

If you are not ready for maternity trousers yet, but still have difficulties buttoning your jeans, get yourself some pant extenders asap. They are the smartest invention ever!

Pant extenders are great for the first trimester, and for the fourth trimester to – i.e. the first few months as a new mom, when you still kind of look pregnant.

If you are bothered by morning sickness, read up about efficient remedies, and, as mentioned previously, make sure you eat frequent, smaller meals and drink enough water.

Week Pregnancy 9 Video

9 Weeks Pregnant: Understand Surprising Growth of Your Fetus!

Diary of a Daughter

What’s it really like being 9 weeks pregnant…? Here’s a true diary from a 9 weeks pregnant mom (Me..!)

I was on my first visit to the midwife. She checked my iron levels, and they are low already. No wonder I’m tired!

The nausea is quite bad now, I’m practically nauseated all the time.

Are you also 9 weeks pregnant? Please share your experiences and thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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