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Dad’s Question:

95% of the time as soon as she is done eating within a couple of minutes my baby starts out with a little cough that proceeds to her coughing harder till she literally vomits out forcefully.

Here is our story:

  1. Our baby takes forever it seems to eat just 2 oz she is definitely not inhaling her food.
  2. We’ve tried all the reflux precautions sitting her up while eating, burping her after every oz or 2oz and also sitting her up after she eats for at least thirty minutes
  3. She had an ab us with contrast last week which came back negative for pyloric stenosis
  4. She’s 8 weeks old and has gained weight since birth. Birth wt 6lbs 12oz now 11 lbs give or take an oz
  5. and of course, once she has been fed then she throws it all up she’s hungry again which makes for long feedings at night.
  6. and of course, our Pediatrician thinks we’re crazy (this isn’t our first rodeo we have 5 more kids the other youngest one being only 8months old) AND finally
  7. she has no other cough throughout the day except when she is done eating as if she is aspirating some milk but does not sound congested at no time.

Can you make anything out of this?

Baby Helpline:

Possible Reasons For Baby’s Vomiting After Feeding

You seem to be in a tough situation, especially if your doctor thinks you’re crazy! You don’t seem crazy at all to me, but concerned. And for good reasons since your baby is having such a hard time.

From what you describe, I do understand your thoughts that it can be reflux (has this been ruled out?) or pyloric stenosis.

Two other conditions that come to my mind and can have similar symptoms are babies that are lactose intolerant (at least they may vomit a lot) or babies with something called Laryngomalacia (underdeveloped throat/larynx muscles). The latter especially in combination with reflux. Under-developed throat muscles grow away, so it is not permanent, just like reflux.

I don’t suggest that your baby suffers from any of these conditions; I just wanted to tell you about other possibilities to discuss with her doctor. I also really think you should try to catch her behavior on film and bring to the appointment so that the doctors can really see what is going on.

But maybe, what you really need to do is to contact another pediatrician to get a second opinion.

I really wish you good luck! Please let me know about your progress.


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Comments for”Why Is My Baby Vomitting”

Sep 18, 2012Thank you

by: geoff

Well, I actually filmed her feeding at four separate occasions and took that with me to her two months shots and to his surprise, he finally got to see what we have been going through first hand.

My pediatrician also thought it might be laryngomalacia since pyloric stenosis was ruled out.

I thank you for your help in the matter!

Apr 04, 2013Please help I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

You described the same thing my 6-month-old does all he can eat is breast milk he throws up everything else please help do you have any pointers

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