Ear Pressure When Flying

by Amanda
(Brighton, UK)

We are about to go on vacation soon. I'm nervous that my baby will get ear pain on the plane. Do you have any suggestion to help ease ear pressure pain when flying?

Thank you.

Baby Help Line Response:

How To Avoid Ear Pain For A Baby When Flying

There are several ways you can help reduce your baby's ear pressure when flying:

  • Breastfeeding is very efficient. And it is possible to do even if your baby is sitting in the infant security belt provided

  • A pacifier or a bottle also works.

  • You can even use your finger as long as it makes your baby suck and swallow.

  • You can also try pressing your hands against your baby's ears to create kind of a vacuum. Then quickly take your hands away again. Practise on yourself first.

  • Also don't forget to ask the cabin crew for ideas; they are often real experts on how to help a child in pain!

You can find more , tips on air traveling with your baby here.

Have a great trip with your baby! (And lucky you, who are going on vacation now, when summer is over...!)


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Ear Pressure When Flying

Jun 17, 2008
Hi Amanda
by: Anonymous

I have a two daughters, currently 7 and five. We have been travelling with them since they were infants, as young as 3 months. I found that before one, the best way to relieve ear pressure is to feed them, whether this be bottle or breast, as soon as the plane is about to take off and land. If they are older than one, than sucking on a lollipop, always helps.

We carry dum dums. They are small, tiny lolipops that the girls enjoy and they are so small that the sugar intake is minimal.

Good luck.

Jun 23, 2008
Wait for take off!
by: Meg

Feeding the baby worked well for me, but you have to wait until you're actually taking off to do it. In this current era of flying, the chances of you sitting on the tarmac with "We're currently #15 in line for take off, folks" are pretty high. If you start feeding as you pull away from the gate, the feeding might be finished before you actually leave the ground! I waited until we were next in line for take off, and had to listen to my daughter cry as we sat and sat on the tarmac. Once we were rolling, out came the bottle and she finished up about the time we were at cruising altitude. It worked like a charm and she was fine for the rest of the trip.

Apr 18, 2013
feeding a8 months boy on 2weeks holiday NEW
by: florin

Hi.we want to book a holiday but we stop thinking about because we don't now what food we should give to him.we want fresh food and to be day prepared the reason why we stop thinking about going there is because living in hotel you cannot cook fresh food.
. Any suggestions please.thank you very much

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