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by Louise

My baby is nearly 6 months old and for as long as I can remember he rolled his eyes up and gasps for breathe. It’s really scary.

I’ve took him to the doctors once for it about 3 months back but to be honest the doctor didn’t seem that interested and he told me not to worry about it as it would pass. But it is getting worse and I don’t no what to do anymore.. Thanks

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Eye Rolling When 6 Months Old

It is not that strange that the doctor didn’t react three months ago. Being 3 months old, the doctor might have thought that it was mainly a newborn issue that would pass.

But at six months, the baby should have learned to control his head and eye movements properly and gasping for breath, which happens along with eye rolling, is also a worrisome symptom. It could indicate a seizure due to some illness, it could be related to pain from e.g. acid reflux or it could even be a rare but benign condition called “Paroxysmal tonic upgaze”.

I definitely think you should go back to the same or another doctor. Try filming your son first, so you can show the doctor what is going on. And don’t give up! If you don’t get appropriate help or explanations, go to another pediatrician!

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Aug 10, 2013

Seek 2nd Opinion
by: Brandi Jones


I would seek a second opinion most definitely. Gasping spells and rolling of the eyes indicates a head injury in some situations. I do not mean to alarm you at all so take a few deeeeep breaths. You should consider speaking to another doctor and maybe try a little research of your own. It could be nothing but you should always trust your instinct. If you are worried and your doctor won’t listen or ease your worries maybe it is time to try seeing another doctor. I really hope this helps.

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Aug 11, 2013

Thank you”

by: louise

Hi, thanks for comments. He’s been to the hospital and being tested for tonic upward gaze which if it is that he will eventually grow out of it. How the doctor explained it that its was something like epilepsy but not as serious. So just waiting now on test results from the EEG.

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