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6 Weeks Old Baby Throws Up

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by David
(San Jose, CA)

My 6 weeks old baby throw up almost every time right after we feed formula (Similac organic power). Could you please let us know how to help him not to throw up? Or what may cause this problem?

Thank you for your answer in advance.
Baby Help Line:

Tips For Helping A Newborn Spit Up Less

Congratulations on your little son!

Newborn babies do tend to throw up and this is considered normal up to some extent. Excessive throwing up combined with pain and weight loss is however not normal and often diagnosed as acid reflux. You can read more about acid reflux here. This condition is something the babies grow out of usually, but that might need medication along the way if they are in great pain or lose weight.

Vomiting associated with rashes and tummy pain can indicate milk protein allergy. You can read about symptoms of milk protein allergy here.

But “just” throwing up after eating is messy but nothing that needs treatment.

Here are a few things yo can do to minimize the spitting up:

  • Burp your son halfway through the feeding. Quite often the spitting up comes from air beneath all the formula.
  • You can also try to feed your baby in a slightly more upright position to help him swallow less air.
  • Finally make sure the bottle nipple hole is of the right size, dripping fast but not more than that when you hold it upside down.

Hope this helps,


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