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by David
(San Jose, CA)

My 6 weeks old baby throw up almost every time right after we feed formula (Similac organic power). Could you please let us know how to help him not to throw up? Or what may cause this problem?

Thank you for your answer in advance.
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Tips For Helping A Newborn Spit Up Less

Congratulations on your little son!

Newborn babies do tend to throw up and this is considered normal up to some extent. Excessive throwing up combined with pain and weight loss is however not normal and often diagnosed as acid reflux. You can read more about acid reflux here. This condition is something the babies grow out of usually, but that might need medication along the way if they are in great pain or lose weight.

Vomiting associated with rashes and tummy pain can indicate milk protein allergy. You can read about symptoms of milk protein allergy here.

But “just” throwing up after eating is messy but nothing that needs treatment.

Here are a few things yo can do to minimize the spitting up:

  • Burp your son halfway through the feeding. Quite often the spitting up comes from air beneath all the formula.
  • You can also try to feed your baby in a slightly more upright position to help him swallow less air.
  • Finally make sure the bottle nipple hole is of the right size, dripping fast but not more than that when you hold it upside down.

Hope this helps,


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    My baby used to throw all his feed right after taking bottle. I tried to change his formula but nothing changed. Dr said it’s reflux and put him on zantac but it was also not working, then I bought a tea formula made for newborns babies magic tea. Since the day I started him with this tea formula my LO stopped spitting up.

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    Hi. I’ve 30 days old baby girl,she’s born after 36th week, mother was on insulin throughout 9months, initially baby got juandice then on day 5 after birth, she got infection in intestine, E-Cole was found, but after 10 days of antibiotic course and all test including transfusion was done and discharged from hospital, even they have done MCUG, which was also ok. Now she’s not putting on weight still on 2.2K which same as birthweight after 30 days, and she used to spit out /vomits after feed ( top feed) with sticky fluid, and stool passes after every feed, if you need i can provide all scan reports to you, can you help me and share your comments in this matter. Thanks

    1. Paula Dennholt

      Hello Atif,
      Congratulations on your daughter! I am so soory to hear about her tough start and that she is not putting on weight.

      Just a question – are you sure she is not putting on weight? If she is now at her birth weight after only 30 days and with all the illness and treatment she has gone through, I would guess that she is certainly gaining weight. Even fullterm, healthy babies tend to lose some of their weight during their first wek or two outside womb, to then, after breastfeeding or other feeding has been well established, start increasing in weight quite rapidly. Since your daughter was slightly premature and also ill, it seems logical that it would take a bot longer for her to get back to her birth weight.

      Generally, spitting up easily is normal, and even more so for a preemie. They can spit up only from having theri legs lift up slightly for diaper change. Try to hold her in a slightly more upright position while feeding and right after and feeding.

      Passing stools after every feeding is also completely normal and is likely to last for at least one more month. After that especially some breastfed babies literally stop pooping. They digest everything they consume at it can be up to 14 days between bowel movements. 🙂

      So nothign you describe sounds odd to me considering your daugher’s age and situation. Nevertheless, I do not provide any kind of medical advice – just “parent’s advice” and your daugher should definitely see her doctor frequently to follow up on her development and weight gain after her illness. Don’t hesitate to nag the doctors whenever you are the least bit worried!

      In any case, she seems to be a fighter. Enjoy her as much as you can and keep her close to your and her mom’s body as much as possible. Hearing your heart, breath, voice and smelling mom and dad is very healing for young babies. Get yourself a baby sling and keep her there as much as possible.

      I wish you all the best, do let us know about her progress!


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