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When you’re 11 weeks pregnant, the basic structures of your baby’s organs have now developed. There’s a gradual decrease in the risk of miscarriage at around this time. Many pregnant moms are starting to feel better, with less nausea and exhaustion, and especially a cute baby bump on its way.

This article covers fetal development, how big your baby is, what month you are in, pregnancy symptoms, and what’s happening with your body, Mom.

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What to Expect When 11 Weeks Pregnant


How Many Months is 11 Weeks Pregnant?

At 11 weeks pregnant, you are still in your first trimester. You have been pregnant for two full months and are now in your third month.

You’re about to enter the second trimester at the end of the third month. Doesn’t it seem that time just flies by?

There might be some uncertainties during your pregnancy journey about how many weeks or months you are pregnant, what week or month of pregnancy you are in, and the difference between the two. This is a common source of confusion. This article covers how to count the pregnancy weeks and months properly, calculate your due date, and the difference between the fetal and gestational age.

For those women who have worrying thoughts of miscarriage in mind, your risk drops considerably soon. You can find miscarriage statistics week by week here.

Your Baby at 11 Weeks

How Big is my Baby at 11 Weeks?

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The fetal age of your baby is now 9 weeks.

At this age, your little one would be measuring as much as 1.5 to 2 inches from crown to rump (4 to 5 cm), about the size of a fig. Your baby’s weight should be around 0.2 to 0.3 ounces (7 to 10 grams).

You’ll find a handy (and cute!) chart for baby size by pregnancy week here, with more detailed measures and fruit comparisons.

What Does My Baby Look Like at 11 Weeks Pregnant?

11 weeks pregnant fetusPinAt this point, your baby’s head still accounts for about half or a third of their body’s length. Don’t worry, as that will change as your pregnancy progresses. Their tiny body is straightening and getting longer.

Your baby’s toes and fingers have now separated, and the webbed look they once had is gone. This is helpful when your baby starts opening and closing the fists and kicking and stretching every day. On the hands and feet, fingernail and toenail beds start to form in preparation for the nail growth that will happen in the next few weeks.

Hair follicles are forming and can be seen on the scalp. The eyelids are still fused shut in order to help the irises develop underneath. The tiny ears are growing, taking shape, and moving closer to their final destination.

Your little one is already active and kicking inside your womb. However, it is too early, and you won’t be able to feel those tiny movements yet. But a few weeks from now, you will be able to feel your baby move about daily.

Fetal Development

Eleven weeks pregnant is the last week for your baby’s most critical development stage. In a few days’ time, the rapid growth phase begins.

Some of the bones are beginning to develop, and the tooth buds are still forming under the gums.

The reproductive organs are slowly forming, and by the end of this week, the baby’s external genitals will start developing. However, it is still not possible to tell if you are carrying a girl or a boy.

Your baby may be practicing breathing movements for now, although this may still happen irregularly.

During this week, blood will begin to circulate between the baby and the uterus, driven by the baby’s tiny heart. The placenta, where the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between your blood and baby’s blood occurs, is growing much quicker than ever.

Mom’s Body When 11 Weeks Pregnant

The Belly

11 weeks pregnant bellyPinYour uterus is slowly growing bigger and will (soon enough) go above your pelvic bone. Since it’s as big as a grapefruit, your medical provider may feel it during an external examination.

Is it possible to show already in week 11?

If this is your first pregnancy, it is not unusual if you still aren’t showing. You might have to wait a bit longer for your baby bump to show.

If you have been pregnant before, or if you are expecting twins, it is possible to notice the beginning of a baby bump at this point.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women find those annoying pregnancy symptoms are starting to ease up now.

Energy levels can be notably higher. Morning sickness eases up a bit, and you may get some of your appetite back, so don’t be surprised if you start having those weird pregnancy cravings!

Certain smells may still bother you. For those carrying twins, you may still have to wait for the day when extreme nausea subsides.

You may notice some skin changes around this week as well.

Linea Nigra is a dark vertical line of pigmentation that may show up right in the middle of your abdomen, but don’t be alarmed. This is a very common thing and will subside after pregnancy. An old wive’s tale is that a short linea nigra, only to the navel, means you are carrying a girl, and a long one means you are carrying a boy. Here are more pregnancy myths to check out!

Mood swings are completely normal because of all the hormones that are circulating in your body. If you are feeling happy one moment, then sad the next, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s common for pregnant women to experience moodiness.

Pregnancy hormones can cause your digestive tract muscles to relax too much, making digestion much slower than usual. You might feel bloated and experience gassiness. Relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract can also lead to heartburn.

Constipation is a common discomfort in women during this early time in pregnancy. It can be due to the prenatal supplements you are taking. For other women, it may be caused by hormones that slow digestion or insufficient water intake.

Either way, eating a balanced diet and getting enough fluids can help ease this symptom. You’ll find more information about healthy eating during pregnancy here.

Your body is making room for your baby, and it is normal if you experience some aches and pains, especially backaches, due to round ligament pain. This happens because of changes in the ligaments supporting the uterus. While these ligaments stretch and soften to accommodate your growing tummy, your belly’s weight can pull on and strain the ligaments. This is normal among most mothers; however, if you are worried about the pain you feel or if it is intense, talk to your doctor.

You might notice an increase in vaginal discharge. That is normal. Increased vaginal discharge is common during the entire pregnancy. It should be thin, odorless, clear, or white (milky) in color. Talk to your doctor if you notice blood or odor or experience itchiness.

Things to Do and Buy This Week

Prenatal testing might be part of your routine visit to your doctor if you are over 35 years of age or have any high-risk conditions.

Other women may opt to go with prenatal testing just for their own peace of mind. In some places, you can choose not to participate in prenatal testing.

Remember to go with what you are personally comfortable with. It is your body and your baby, and you should do what you feel is right, even now, before birth.

If you are now less nauseated and tired, consider starting to exercise. An excellent online prenatal yoga class is “Prenatal Yoga: Strengthening and Opening” With Jane Austin. You can read about the benefits of pregnancy yoga and good yoga positions during each trimester here.

A fun thing to start dreaming about now is your baby registry. In this post, I’ve listed some great shops to create your registry – for free, of course!

Week 11 Pregnancy Video

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No miscarriage, no nausea, less tiredness, and my baby bump is growing. I feel great!

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