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Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Baby's First Christmas GiftsYour baby’s first Christmas is a very special occasion. And it is sooo much fun to shop away just a little bit!

Even if newborn and mainly sleeping, a new baby definitely changes the Christmas celebration for mom and dad.

It is just different (and better) to sit by the tree together with your child…

And for babies even just a few months old, the tree, the lights, the beautiful presents, the music and much more can be very exciting!

Not to mention the adventure for babies that can crawl, walk or even just grab things and try chewing on them. (Make sure all nuts are out of reach!)

If you like Christmas, like I do, grab the opportunity! Do some fun shopping for your new family member! His or her very first Christmas ornament, stocking, a cute bib or a cozy sleeping bag…

I’ve gathered some cute Christmas items for your baby below. Some pretty ornaments, some fun activities for toddlers and older siblings, some Christmas clothes. All available from reliable vendors, I don’t sell ’em, just find ’em.

For tips in what toys are suitable depending on your baby’s age, click here.
Have fun!

Baby Christmas Gifts Ideas

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