10 Weeks Pregnant (Fetal Age 8 Weeks)

Your baby is now moving around inside of you

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10 weeks pregnant fetus
At 10 weeks pregnant, your baby has started his or her very own exercise program. And with arms and legs that can now bend, there are a lot of new abilities to practice. To watch some amazing videos showing fetal development, click here.

For mom, this is a good time to start exercising too, especially if the nausea and exhaustion are subsiding. You'll find tips and advice regarding pregnancy yoga here.

What to expect about...

Your Baby

size of 8 weeks old fetus

The picture to the right shows the size of your baby right now. Even though he or she is still tiny, he already looks like a little baby in many ways.

And he acts like a little baby too! Your uterus has now become an inside playground. The little baby has begun to move inside you, kicking and waving more than you can even imagine.

Although you cannot feel the movements yet, you will in time be able to recognize each time your little one rolls over, kicks or even hiccups once they grow larger.

Here is more on what is going on with your baby at 10 weeks pregnant:

  • Approximately 1.2 inches long from crown to rump, weighing less than a sixth of an ounce, your baby now has fully functional organs and details are beginning to be more apparent.
  • Swallowing fluid is something your baby is practicing now while swimming around on the inside.
  • Tiny fingernails, fussy hair, and even limbs that can bend at the wrist and ankles help give your little one a more human appearance.
  • The head is approximately half the size of the body overall, bulging slightly at the forehead to account for the developing brain, but rest assured that everything will settle into place as the weeks go by. Your baby can now shake his head - or well, at least move it.
  • If you could see your little one now, the spine is visible along with all the nerves, branching out through the body.


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Mom's Body

ultrasound examination 10 weeks pregnant
Although your baby measures just over an inch in length, your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit. This is necessary to provide your new baby with space to grow in the coming months.

At 10 weeks pregnant, regular clothes may fit snugly now (time to start shopping ;-D ) and it can be a struggle when dealing with a changing wardrobe almost monthly.

If you have had a prenatal visit already, you may have been lucky enough to hear the heartbeat of your little one. Don't be alarmed if you can't hear it on your first visit; sometimes those little ones are tricky and like to move out of the way!

Exercise can be a great stress reliever and a good way to keep in shape while carrying a child. Low-impact activities such as swimming or walking are perfect ways to keep yourself in shape while not putting unnecessary stress on you or your developing midsection.

Another really great way to exercise during pregnancy is yoga. It can both prevent or relieve back pain and really help you prepare for giving birth. The childbirth is helped by both the relaxation and breathing in yoga and by exercises that open up your pelvis. An excellent prenatal yoga DVD is "Prenatal Yoga" With Shiva Rea.

If you haven't let anyone know at your workplace yet, you may want to start deciding on the next course of action to take. Some women find that they prefer to let their immediate supervisors know first, while others talk to their Human Resources department first about things they may have questions about such as paid time off, taking leave for doctor's appointments or other sudden changes in workplace hours.

Take your time when deciding how to announce your big news; it can be overwhelming for some women to have the entire office congratulate you on your newest addition. Other factors such as medical leave due can influence when you decide to reveal your big news as well.

Be sure to lean on others who are aware of your pregnancy state, such as your partner, family members or close friends when you feel overwhelmed or need a hand with even simple tasks. Take advantage of those who offer their services and help. You will appreciate it as you get further along in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 10 Video

If seeing means believing for you, watch this video explaining the 10th of pregnancy in pictures and words.

Diary of a Daughter

What's it really like being 10 weeks pregnant? Here's a true diary from a mom-to-be. (Me..!)

Diary Of A Daughter

Yesterday we went hiking. I guess I overdid it, because afterwards I got a really bad cramp. Very scary! I thought it was a miscarriage. But the cramps disappeared after a while just lying down.

I am still tired, but the nausea is almost gone.

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