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by Kate
(Rochester, NY)

When my 7-month-old drinks formula from a bottle he develops red blotches around his eyes, ears and head. They come on slowly and then cover his face/head. When he’s done they go away. He’s been on the same formula for 3 months now. What could be the problem?

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Rashes From Suckling Or From Allergy?

Hello Kate,
It is very possible that there is nothing to worry about here! There is a simple soulution to this problem. Your baby gets those blotches most likely because he/she is sucking too hard. To fix this change to a nipple with a bigger hole. The spots shouldn’t happen anymore once you switch nipples but if the blotches show up and don’t go away call your dr immeadiately as this is a sign of an allergic reaction – in that case most likely to the milk protein in the formula!

However, you mention no other issues with your baby, such as tummy pain or others symptoms on milk protein allergy, so I would bet on the nipple hole. :-)

You can read about symptoms of milk protein allergy here.

Hope this helps,


Comments for “Red Blotches on Baby’s Face When Drinking Formula”

Feb 03, 2013


by: Kate

Thanks Paula! I thought that might be the problem. I’ll try it.

Mar 16, 2013

red blotches

by: Anonymous

THis happens to my 5 month old, but i nurse. it happens every time i nurse him. need advice

Mar 19, 2013

red blotches on baby’s face when she nurses

by: Anonymous

I too have the same thing with my daughter. She is 5 months and this has been going on for as long as I can remember. I never really thought much of it. She is nursing, I also nursed my son, he is 17 moths now, but this never occured with him. Just would like to know if there could be an issue. thanks

Apr 27, 2013

red blotches

by: Anonymous

My son would always get red blotches all over his forehead and face from crying. He’s almost 3 now and still gets it but not as bad… doesn’t seem to cause any problems though. They just disappear again after ten minutes or so.

Sep 29, 2013

Possibly Eczema

by: Anonymous

Hi there,

My 5.5 month old also experienced the same thing. I was exclusively nursing until last week. He would develop the “rash” around his mouth and eyes. I took him to the dr today and was told it was eczema that it was possibly triggered by dairy products. I noticed each time I ate dairy or eggs he would have an episode. We started him on soy and the same thing occurred. Md told us to switch to gentle ease if that doesn’t work he may need a hypoallergenic formula. I hope in your case it is the nipple and not the eczema/allergy. I will also try changing the nipple and hope for the best! Good Luck to you and your baby!

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