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  • Post last modified:December 25, 2020

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Parent’s Tips On Boathouse Row & Other Family-Friendly Places

by Gerry Heng
(Philadelphia, PA )

It was a very nice day. It was around 65 degrees, just perfect to take a walk without a jacket and to relax. I thought about taking my son out to the park since the weather would be perfect for him. My son is only about a month old, and we got ready to go to Boathouse Row in Philadelphia.

It was a beautiful area. There were hundreds of people in the park jogging, sitting, and touring around. It was a great experience. I saw many happy faces, and my son was even smiling a few times.

The ducks and geese there were waddling around the park also. I also saw older folk do some TaiChi together. I was very happy and satisfied that I got to also experience a couple using a bull-whip. I played with the bull-whip myself out of their request to join them. It was wonderful.

We met many smiling faces and Boathouse row is definitely one of the best places to be in Philadelphia. It is very clean, very friendly, and very fun to be around.

I realize no one would visit Philadelphia only for Boathouse row. But if you are in the city, go there and enjoy. Going there when it’s dark is even prettier!

There are a lot of family-friendly things to do in Philadelphia. I think the Fairmount Park is a must – that’s where the boathouse row is too, but there are a lot of other things too, like the zoo, trails, sculptures, all the water, the art museum, the Please Touch children’s museum and a lot more.

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Videos of Philadelphia, PA

Watch the first video get an impression of the boathouse row. The second video provides vacation tips for Philadelphia.

More Baby-Friendly Places In North-East USA

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