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Breastfeeding Latch Videos To Help Your Baby Latch On Properly

breastfeeding latch videosIf you are worried about that your baby might not latch on properly, watching a few breastfeeding latch videos can be of great help. Here I have collected a number of breastfeeding latch video clips that I think are educational in different ways. But if you are sitting there and the breastfeeding simply isn’t working, get off your couch and call a lactation consultant immediately. (And then watch the video clips…)

Poor latching on can make you very sore and your baby very frustrated, so getting help is really important. And with the right support, most new moms can breastfeed. You can read about other common breastfeeding problems and how to solve them here.

Good luck, I hope you find the videos helpful.

Breastfeeding Latching Video Gallery

[dzs_videogallery id=”breastfeed latch” db=”main”]
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