19 Weeks Pregnant (Fetal Age 17 Weeks)

Your Baby's Hair And Eyebrows Are Now Visible

19 weeks pregnant
19 weeks pregnant, your baby has developed a sweet tooth. If a sugar solution is injected into the womb, the baby will swallow twice as much of the amniotic fluid.

And how about you? Craving for something sweet or sour? Your cravings may predict the gender of your child according to an old wives' tale...

Your linea nigra may appear this week, as seen on the picture to the left. Don't worry, it disappears after your baby is born. Learn more about your post-pregnancy body here.

What To Expect During Pregnancy Week 19

Your Baby

19 weeks fetus ultrasound

Your baby will continue to grow and mature immensely in the coming weeks, now when all organs are in place to primarily mature to be able to function outside the womb too. Only a few weeks from now, your baby would stand a chance to survive if born. (Read about premature survival rates week by week here.)

For some 19 weeks pregnant mothers this week will turn out to be the half-way mark of their pregnancy, although most women will carry their babies to term at 40 weeks or beyond!

An old wives' tale is that the length of your pregnancy will correlate to that of your hubby's mom's pregnancy, while the length of your labor and childbirth will correlate with that of your own mom's. So have a chat with these two women!

19 weeks pregnant, your baby is now approximately 7.5 inches long. His or her baby's bones are beginning to harden and the muscles are becoming stronger. All the better to kick and roll around inside with!

The nerves cells for each of the senses: hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing and touching are developing in their very own parts of the brain now, while other nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections within the brain.

Your baby already has developed a sweet tooth! If sugar water is injected in the amniotic fluid, the baby drinks twice as much of the fluid as she usually does.

The kidneys start making urine and the specific development of the baby's brain where the sensory control is formed is continuing to mature. If you could peek inside, the gums of your little one begin to form teeth.

Your baby is starting to produce meconium, the first tar-like bowel movement after birth (and will continue for the first few days of life).

Meconium is a normal part of the baby's development and is a build-up of ingested amniotic fluid that is excreted each day within the womb. It is typically greenish-black in color and takes on a tar-like appearance. Not easy to wash off your newborn!

If your baby does manage to pass meconium before delivery though, it can be a sign of fetal distress and in addition there is a slight risk that your baby will inhale it during the delivery process and that this can create complications if it gets into the baby's lungs.

If this does happen, it won't be until very close to your due date and if the doctors suspect it or even see it because your water broke, labor is often induced. It is however not very common and certainly not something to worry about yet!

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Mom's Body

Do you crave something sweet and fat or something sour? Another old wives' tale is that your cravings predict the gender of your baby: A mom expecting a boy will crave for sweet and fatty foods, while the mom carrying a girl will want to eat sour foods.

If you lie down, you should be able to feel the top of your uterus right below your belly button now when 19 weeks pregnant.

Round ligament pain is very common at this stage of pregnancy due to the increasing size of your abdomen and you may sense the pulling of the ligaments and an achy feeling.

19 weeks pregnant, your balance may shift at this point in time since your centre of gravity is off, so be careful if you must walk up and down stairs or get up and down many times during the day.

Heat rashes can occur during this time of pregnancy due to an increase in body temperature and perspiration due to activity.

Skin sensitivities may arise at this time where some women notice dry, flaky skin or sensitivity to certain fabrics due to the stretching of their abdomen.

Using cream regularly to keep your skin moist and drinking fluids during the day will help alleviate these problems that you may be experiencing now.

Some women find that regular use of cream will help prevent stretch marks during the latter part of pregnancy, while others may use creams only to find that nothing will stop those beauty marks caused by carrying a child.

If you do want to give the skin of your growing baby bump a treat, I can really recommend getting yourself a nice, organic tummy butter or other cream. (You'll find my favorite below among "Stuff To Buy".) It can prevent dry skin, itching and - who knows - maybe also stretch marks, although research isn't too supportive or this possibiity. It is a truly wonderful product that smells good, works well even for sensitive skin, and makes your skin very soft.

Focusing on the upcoming birth of your little one and the many options available to you during delivery can be scary. While some elect to have a natural childbirth without drugs, others who do not want to deal with an extreme amount of pain would rather look into the many forms of pain relief.

Be sure to examine all of your options as nothing is written in stone when it comes to the big day. You'll find several articles about giving birth here, including videos and birth stories provided by other moms.

19 Weeks Pregnant Video

If seeing means believing for you; watch this video explaining the 19th week of pregnancy in pictures and words.

Stuff To Buy This Week

Here are a few things you can get to support your pregnancy journey this week:

Diary of a Daughter

What's it really like being 19 weeks pregnant...? Here's a true diary from a 19 weeks pregnant mom-to-be. (Me..!)

Diary Of A Daughter

This week I had an ultrasound and got a new due date. It was just adjusted a couple of days. Our baby is so beautiful and I also got to hear her/his heartbeat. Wonderful!

My stomach is growing fast and a few people have actually asked me if my baby is due around Christmas... Hmm, then I'll be six months pregnant! But I haven't gained all that much weight yet.

I had a small spotting two days ago. Very scary. But the ultrasound showed that everything is just fine.

The above was my diary. What's it like for you to be 19 weeks pregnant? Share your thoughts and feelings by leaving a comment below.

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