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what foods to wean baby

by Shaheen
(riyadh,saudi arabia)

My son will soon be 8 months old and is underweight. I want to introduce some good weaning food to my baby so that he can put on weight. Now I am giving him rice cereal, wheat and dates cereal and fruits cereal. I also gived him mashed banana, apple, carrots and potatoes. That’s about it when it comes to solid foods. He likes the foods I give him, but he doesn’t put on any weight.

So can you please suggest me, what should I add to the cereal so that he can put on more weight? His weight now is only is 5.6kg…

Please help me?


Baby Help Line:

What Foods To Introduce When Weaning From Breastfeeding

What a gorgeous wee boy! He sure is a cutie! I wouldn’t worry too much about his food, you are doing all the right things. Babies still need milk as their primary food source for a good many months yet. Introducing solids is just getting them used to different foods, tastes and textures.

I’m assuming you are breastfeeding? If you can manage to keep going a little while longer then all the better. If you have to wean him off breast milk, then he will need a substitute formula for a few months before just using dairy milk and “real food”. If he is not gaining weight regularly then you can add breast milk or formula into his solids to increase the calories. A lot of breastfed babies actually do stop increasing in weight when introducing solid foods. The latter are far more filling than breastmilk and often less calorie dense. Noone gets fat from eating carrots… Also remember that if you and your husband are a smaller build, your son is unlikely to be a large sized baby anyway.

If he truly is underweight and especially if he is not following his weight curve, you first of all should discuss the matter with his health care provider, to rule out any illness and get it confirmed that you really should try to increase his weight.

Some things that can be done to help increase his weight if needed, are to simply feed him more often or larger portions if he wants it. You should not try to feed him if he doesn’t want anything though, then the meals can easily turn into power struggles, and your problems will be much worse. You can also start adding protein and/or fat to his food as that builds a little body faster than vegetables and cereals, but it is important to have a balance of everything. Try some pureed beans or meat. Some babies love fish pie. Also yoghurt and custards or cottage cheese usually go down well. You can find many recipes for 8-month-old babies and up here.

You are doing a great job, he looks happy and contented. Just offer lots of variety, let him try what ever you are eating, make it fun and don’t worry too much about weaning him just yet. But he is old enough to start getting on a feeding schedule to include several solid food meals every day in addition to breastfeeding on demand. Check out the feeding schedule here. Eating healthy food frequently is a great way to build a healthy little baby body. Also do not be afraid to add butter or oil to the baby food you make.

Enjoy your lovely little boy,
All the best,
Annie Desantis

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