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How to Trim Baby Nails

trimming baby nailsBaby nails grow fast!

And as infants can’t really control their movements during their first few months, they tend to scratch themselves all the time, especially in the face.

With a newborn, the baby nails are not too difficult to trim, because the infant is usually quite still. But in the beginning your baby’s nails shouldn’t be cut at all.

Later on it is much harder, but must be done often.

Here you’ll find advice on when and how to trim your baby’s nails, and how NOT to trim them. You’ll also find an instructive video at the bottom of the article.

Caring for Your Baby’s Nails

  • It is very tempting to try to cut the nails to help the baby. Wait a few weeks though. The skin on the fingertips is delicate and there is a risk to cause infections if you trim the nails too early.
  • You can however peel off the ends of the nail already from the beginning. Do this as soon as you see any loose ends. Babies’ nails tend to “break” now and then – a good opportunity to peel the off. But be careful!
  • After that, you might have to trim the nails several times a week. Pick a pair of scissors that are aimed for babies.Adult scissors are way to sharp.
  • Make sure you have a lot of light when you cut the nails to prevent any accident and do it slowly.
  • If your baby gets too interested in the scissors, it might be a good idea to trim the nails while he is asleep. Or have someone else distract him.
  • I know some people recommend biting off the baby’s nails. Don’t do it! As you can’t feel what you’re doing, you might bite your baby. Not worth a try in my view!
  • Cut finger nails following curve of the finger tip. Toe nails should be cut straight across.

You’ll find a video explaining the process of trimming your baby’s nails below.