baby injuriesBaby injuries and abuse are the last things we want, but they still occur.

Babies get hurt, especially once they start moving around. But even before that, parents drop their little ones or they are hurt in other ways. The little baby girl (my daughter) to the left fell and cut her eyebrow when she was 11 months old. Mom was right there but didn’t manage to catch her. Accidents can happen very easily! (How Mom felt? Well, like the worst mom ever!!)

By browsing the questions and answers below, you’ll find out what to do if your baby fell off the bed, had some other injury or maybe abused in some way.

Most infant injuries are minor and not dangerous, but there are cases when you should definitely call 911:

  • If your baby has difficulties breathing and especially if turning blue or has very rapid breathing.
  • If your baby hit his head and he or she is having a seizure or convulsions, is breathing irregularly or is unconscious.
  • If you suspect a head, neck, pelvic or back fracture or baby broke a bone and it sticks out or if the baby seems to be in severe pain.
  • If your baby is bleeding heavily and especially if combined with unconsciousness or irregular bleeding.

This is not an exhaustive list. If your baby has been injured and you suspect that it might be severe, then don’t wait with contacting a doctor!

Also consider keeping a good reference book at home such as My Child Is Sick!: Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries.

Now, below you’ll find a lot of questions and answers about baby injuries and abuse. You can ask questions or offer your help by posting comments at each question below.

I hope you’ll find the help you need!

Baby Vomiting After Fall

My baby fell and was bleeding a bit from the nose. The doctor said the bleeding was because of a cut. But after feeding, he started vomiting. I am afraid.

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Fontanelle Sinking If Pulling Bottle Out Hard?

I've heard that if you pull a baby's bottle out of his/her mouth directly and too fast that it can cause his/her fontanel to drop or cave in because of the suction. I've heard that when you pull a baby's bottle out it should be gently and somewhat to the side so it breaks the seal of the suction and slightly opens the mouth therefore allowing the parent to pull the bottle out w/o the suction. Is this true?

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