• Is your business targeting pregnant women, moms, or parents in general?
  • Would you like to place your services in front of the eyes of a rapidly growing number of readers interested in pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, baby gear, and related topics?
  • Would you like to use your advertising budget wisely, knowing that you get the exposure you pay for?

Easy Baby Life can offer competitive banner advertising, based on either a fixed monthly cost or payment per impression.

Why Easy Baby Life?

Easy Baby Life is currently growing rapidly. At present we enjoy over 350,000 visits and around 500,000 page views per month, which places us among the top 1% among all parenting websites. This means that during one year, our advertisers are exposed to over 3,000,000 moms and dads!

Our visitors are primarily moms and pregnant women from English-speaking countries. US visitors are in majority (66%), with the UK, Canada, and Australia showing the second to the fourth largest amount of visitors. But we do enjoy readers from some 200 countries around the world.

Available Banners

  • 728×90 Leaderboard banner (Currently NOT available)
    This one will appear on top of every page on the site on desktop and tablets. The rate for the banner is $2.50 CPM.
  • 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard banner
    This one will appear on top of every page of the site in mobile view. The rate for the banner is $2.50 CPM.
  • 300×250 Top Right Banner
    This is a highly visible ad placement. For only $2 CPM, you can choose to have your ad displayed on all pages of Easy Baby Life or on one or a few sections only, such as Pregnancy, Breastfeeding or Baby Care only. The rate for the banner is $2.50 CPM.
  • 300×250 Middle Right Banner
    For only $1.50 CPM, you can choose to have your ad displayed on all pages of Easy Baby Life or on one or a few sections only, slightly further down in the right-hand column.

All sponsorships are accepted for this limited-availability program on a first-come, first-served basis. Rates are net and subject to change. Option to renew will be at then-effective rates. Easy Baby Life reserves the right to refuse campaigns/creative it deems inappropriate.

NEW! Sponsored Blog Posts!

If your business has a high-quality service or product targeting new parents, I may be able to publish a sponsored article about your business here at Easy Baby Life. This is a new opportunity here at Easy Baby Life (starting in April 2016) and I will see how it works out. Articles and products/services should be good and relevant to our readers and actually help them in their lives as parents or parents-to-be. Contact me below for instructions and to discuss pricing.

As you can see, Easy Baby Life will give you a lot of visibility for your money! All to highly targeted visitors.

Advertise With Us!

  • Easy Baby Life is geared toward pregnancy, childbirth, and everything related to a baby’s first year of living. As such, it brings in highly-targeted traffic to this market.
  • Easy Baby Life is clear of pop-ups, intrusive sounds, and similar to distract the visitor.
  • Readers who visit this site are actively searching for information, products, and services related to pregnancy, childbirth, and babies, the very products you provide.
  • If you have any other advertising wishes than the ones presented above, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate your needs the best we can.
  • We do not offer in-content text links. Text-based sponsorship can be considered for highly relevant advertisers, and will in such cases be listed under “Sponsors” in the left or right column and a nofollow tag will be added to the link.

So, if you’re looking for increased exposure and traffic for your services, let our traffic fuel your business. If you are interested in advertising with Easy Baby Life, use the form below to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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