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Feeding Schedule For 6-8-Month-Old Babies

6 -8 month baby feeding scheduleHere you’ll find a sample baby feeding schedule for babies around 6 to 8 months old. Babies are very different when it comes to when they are ready to start with solid foods. But at around 6-8-months old many infants are interested enough for it to be meaningful to try to stick to a set schedule.

Remember though, that the schedule is not written in stone. If your baby is sleepy, not hungry or you’re out somewhere, you can of course feed him solids at other times than suggested below. The reason to at all suggest lunch as a good time to serve solids is that this is a time of the day when your child is likely to continue to eat cooked food in the future. Another reason is that if your baby would get tummy pain from what he ate, it won’t happen late in the evening.

Once your baby has become used to eating solid foods and is approaching 8 months old, you can exchange more meals to solid food meals, according to this schedule for older babies.

Baby Feeding Schedule for the 6-8 Month Old

During the whole day:
Breastfeeding or Formula according to your and your child’s rhythm.

Breast milk and/or Formula

Cooked food, for example some strained vegetables proper for this age group

Possibly some fruit puree for dessert

Water and/or breast milk/formula to drink

Afternoon snack:
Infant cereal and/or fruit pure (can be served with the cereal for taste)

Water, Breastfeeding or Formula

Breast milk and/or Formula

Some babies eat more and some less than a few table spoons of solid foods. Let your baby decide. Also, your child’s appetite can vary quite a bit between different days and depending on how much he or she likes what you serve. Always remember to introduce new foods slowly over several days to observe any allergic reactions.For a list of foods to avoid for babies younger than 1 year, click here.

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