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Won't your baby sleep? Does he spit out all his food? Bite you? Refuses to burp? Won't your nipples stop hurting?

baby help line

Even the calmest, happiest baby and the most experienced mom or dad will run into questions regarding how to approach a new sleeping, feeding, pooping or other baby issue.

What is your baby's problem?

Search among already answered questions at the Baby Help Line; there are plenty of them!

Start by browsing the below categories to find answers from both us here at Easy Baby Life, and a lot of parents contributing their help and thoughts by commenting each question.

If you can't find your answers or if you are in a hurry, use the below search box to guide you to the relevant questions and answers.

Our help line is currently not open for new questions here. Instead you'll have go to our Facebook page to ask new questions and we will try our best to give your questions full attention there.

Another thing - we don't accept spam, rude comments or nasty language, so common in many other forums. Our aim is to provide Internet's friendliest baby help line and Facebook forum.

So welcome to join in!

There's a lot of moms here who will love your views and tips.

If you'd rather just hang out in the old Baby Help Forum, it will always be here for you. Ask your questions in exisiting threads; there are almost 1000 of them!

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