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breastfeeding basivs videos

If you are confused with whether your baby is actually getting enough milk, if you are breastfeeding in the right position or why breastfeeding is best for your baby, watching a few breastfeeding videos can be of great help.

Here I have collected a number of breastfeeding video clips that I think are educational in different ways.

They show examples of babies that are nursing more or less effectively. The first baby is doing really well, while the fourth is mainly playing around. I think these videos are great for anyone wondering if their baby is really getting any milk.

Have fun watching the videos – why not watching them while breastfeeding 🙂

Educational Breastfeeding Videos

Is my baby getting enough milk?

This first video shows a baby who is really nursing effectively. Watch the position of the mouth and how the baby swallows.

This second baby is doing pretty well too.

This third baby is still nursing, but not so effectively.

The fourth baby is not drinking. Watch his chin movements, compared to the first baby’s. Big difference!

How often should I breastfeed?

In this video, a woman explains how you can think about how often to breastfeed. According to her (and I totally agree), there is really no need for a strict schedule.

Babies are in general very good at both showing when they are hungry and at regulating the milk supply if you just let them. Responding to hunger is something we can already do at birth.

More often we as adults mess up children’s natural ability to regulate their food intake, by worrying too much, forcing them to finish their plate (later on) and so on. If you are curious of what research says about children’s eating habits, read this article.

Here are some other breastfeeding videos you might find useful!

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