Sex Whilst Breastfeeding In My Country

by Saidu Sebbeh Bangura
(Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa)

In Sierra Leone, lactating mothers fear having sex. The general thought is that when one have sex during lactation the suckling child's health deteriorates, even to fatality. It is a common belief that sex destroys the breast milk and causes the child to have diarrhoea which becomes fatal.

Most of the time these things happen as it is said. As soon as the suckling mother starts having sex the child starts having frequent stools and sometimes dies shortly. the causes (i think) is that once these mothers have got this notion; as soon as they have sex, they stop breastfeeding the child and starts giving it foods (like rice etc)that its system cannot tolerate.

In this direction, there is a need for a wide publicity of the fact that one can have sex whilst breastfeeding without harming the child. this will go a long way in saving many children in Africa.

Easy Baby Life:

Sex While Breastfeeding Cannot Harm Baby

Hi Saidu,

How interesting to read about this wide-spread folk myth in Sierra Leone, and also sad. I have never encountered any studies showing that the breast milk would deteriorate from love making, and my thought is similar to yours - that it is the worse diet after weaning that causes the children to get sick.

I had never heard about this myth before, but will look into it further. Thanks a lot for sharing! I hope you will be able to explain to some of your fellow moms that this myth isn't true.

Warm wishes,


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Sex Whilst Breastfeeding In My Country

Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi to you people is Sierra Leone (suckling mothers especially). I want you to know that the thinking that when you have sex whilst suckling your child will make the child sick is a myth. It is safe to have sex during the suckling period. This will cause no harm to your child. If you believe the myth above and start giving the baby other feeds; it is this feed that makes the baby sick because its system cannot tolerate it at this time.

Feel free to have sex whilst breastfeeding your child.

Sep 01, 2012
It's not true guys
by: Anonymous

Hi, guys in south african most black people believe in that myth. It can happen to a child if u have sex with different men. Then the child can get sick. But it amazes me that white people can have sex with any man but their babies don't get sick. What is wrong with ours or what is the fault with our breastmilk?

Nov 09, 2012
Sex and breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

Yea it's true !!! In my country Sierra leone that's d thoughts bout breastfeeding and sex!!!! I am expecting my first baby in December and will be breastfeeding!!!

Of course my hubby and I were discussing sex and breastfeeding he was like " I know we will not make love for like six month " I was like why and he replied cos u'll be breastfeeding I Don't want my baby to fall sick!!!! I was like wow!!! Who told you that? It's a myth !!!

So I asked him to read about it!!!!and I pray my libido will returns early for me to have fun with my hubby!!!!

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