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When you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or even just secretly dreaming about it, following the pregnancy week by week journey is amazing. So much happens with both the baby-to-be and with mom.

The first weeks of looking for signs of ovulation, signs of implantation and signs of (no) menstruation, to the last weeks of signs of labor...

This section of Easy Baby Life is dedicated to your pregnancy. You'll find detailed information on every pregnancy week as well as info on what to eat, how to mitigate morning sickness, what the huge weight gain as pregnant really consists of and much more.

At the bottom of this article, there is also an interactive week by week pregnancy calender, where you can read about your baby's development as well as watch videos and images. A truly amazing journey!

So, where to start?

If you want to learn what's going on with your baby this week, choose one of the weeks to the left. If you're not sure which pregnancy week you are in, use this due date calculator first. The estimated fetal age will tell you which week pregnant you are in. As you might know, the forty weeks (or so) of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters with around 13 weeks in each. If you compare different books, some will claim that the first trimester is 12 weeks, other 13 weeks and yet others 14 weeks.

It doesn't really matter! Your baby sure doesn't care!

But there's a lot more here too! Why not take a peek at the the fetal development videos here.

Or have a look at this poll on how the moms' libido has changed during pregnancy. (What's you're guess - higher or lower libido..?)

If you still worry about miscarriage, these statistics on miscarriage risk by week may be of interest.

And for some amusement, have a look at these crazy pregnancy myths.

I really wish you a great pregnancy journey!

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Interactive Pregnancy Week By Week Calender

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