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Parent’s Tips On Kerala, India With Kids

We visited Kerala with my 1-year-old. One of the things we did was to take a trip on the Backwaters with a houseboat. The staff at both the hotel and the houseboat made us comfortable and feel at home. They also cooked my baby meals on request, (though I had to carry all the stuff, including a small cooker).

I thought the houseboat trip would be difficult and boring with a baby, but it wasn’t. We had to watch her all the time, so she wouldn’t have a chance to fall off, but she couldn’t walk or climb yet, so it wasn’t so difficult. But for a wilder baby, I would definitely recommend a life jacket.

It was a great trip!

Other things to do in Kerala are of course hitting the beach. Kovalam beach or Varkala are both pretty, but my favorite is Varkala. The settings are very beautiful. There is one real drawback, though, if traveling with children; the waves are high and the current strong. There’s no way to children can be in the water on their own.

Munnar is another fantastic place in Kerala. High up in the hills, it is very beautiful, cooler and cleaner than the coast and great for trekking. If you carry your baby in a backpack with sunshade, then you can have a fantastic day in the mountains. I recommend walking with a guide – a lot more fun!

In Fort Cochin, a fun place to visit for the kids is the Jain temple. They feed doves every day at noon and the children can help out. :-)

One place I would not recommend is the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. When we were there, it was really crowded and we saw no animals except for some sleepy birds.

Better then to visit the Kodanad elephant training center. You can watch the elephants being washed in the river in the morning and sometimes help out washing them, depending on how old the elephants are and how used they are to people. They offer (short) elephant rides too. It’s an OK place to visit.

There are probably a lot more things to do in Kerala, but this was what we had time to do. :-) A really nice place with super friendly people.

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May 9, 2014Keralay Joy – The Kumarakom House Boats
by: Bhuvana

We also went to Kerala, to a place called Kumarakom. The Kerala state is blessed with beautiful beaches and backwaters, which are the most important tourist attraction of Kerala – Kumarakom – Alleppey.

Kerala’s centuries-old, palm-fringed backwaters Kerala are stretch over 1900 km. This Kerala backwater is the prominent feature of a holiday in Kerala – Kumarakom – Alleppey. It is an incredible experience to sail down these soothing waters in a houseboat and comprehend the unusual aspects of Kerala life Apart from excellent outlook; these houseboats Kerala are extremely eco-friendly, as it is made of bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets est.

I enjoyed this boathouse with my whole family and this includes 3 babies. My baby is one-year-old and my sister’s baby is 2-year-old and the other 3. All are freed in the boat containing vast areas to play and we elders are so relaxed.

The food comes to our dining on time and sleeping comfort is excellent. A guy will take care of babies not falling into the water and it’s rare too as the security is excellent.

Family get-together and good enjoyment for babies and I would say it is a Kumarakom boathouse.

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