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Parent’s Tips On Celebrity Cruises

by Rob

My favorite baby-friendly spot was on a Celebrity cruise three summers ago. My husband, three-year-old daughter, 14-month-old son, and I, all went on a Celebrity cruise with my mother and father in law.

It traveled all around the Caribbean for a week, and before we were getting ready to leave I began to worry about what I was going to do with my children during the excursions and time on the boat.

When we got on the boat I talked to the activity director and he referred me to the ‘Kids Camp‘. I went and talked to the workers there and they told me what they would do with the kids and how it all worked.

The Kids Camp was pretty much daycare for kids of all ages and all you would do was drop them off at the camp in the morning, and then you would have the rest of the day off for yourself. It was free, and when I came back and saw how much fun my son and daughter were having with the counselors there, I decided that they were probably having more fun with them than they would have with us. :-)

If anyone else is considering a cruise, here is the link to Celebrity Cruises kids’ program (and to their website)

If you have been to a family cruise too, please share your experiences below.

Video of Celebrity Cruises

Watch the videos below to see what a family cruise can be like.

Families have fun on Celebrity Cruises

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May 09, 2018Great experience with Costa Cruises too
by: Sylvia

We had a similar, great experience when taking our baby daughter on a Costa Cruise Lines Caribbean Cruise.


It was a fantastic experience, perfectly soothed to our baby daughter’s needs.
Foremost, the staff of the ship was most helpful and made sure everything we need is at our discretion. They even went through the trouble of changing the mattress in the crib because my husband made a joke that it is too hard for our baby.

There were babysitting services available on the ship, everyone was so friendly and caring.

The atmosphere of this cruise line is very inviting and it is amazing to see how many youth organized events this cruise line puts together.

On a side note, our daughter, 19 months at that time, behaved very well and adjusted to the ship travel quickly, perhaps because it reminded her of the time in my belly.

Truly, this is probably the best way to vacation with a baby.


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