Bed & Breakfast In Knoxville

by Rachel

World's Fair Park in Knoxville

World's Fair Park in Knoxville

World's Fair Park in Knoxville Dollywood Steam Train

When my daughter was about 13 months old, we wanted to travel to Knoxville, TN to visit a friend of mine. This was the first vacation that we would be taking with our daughter. Before she was born, we enjoyed staying in Bed & Breakfasts rather than hotels. We had considered taking a trip to one of our favorite spots until we realized that none of the B&Bs in the entire city would allow children under 12.

We found a B&B in Knoxville that did not discriminate (yes, that is what I consider it) against children. The owner was so wonderful. He told us he would much rather have a fussy baby heard through the halls than a couple of teenagers being rowdy all night. He was happy to keep milk in the fridge for us and be sure there was nothing special she needed for breakfast.

Luckily his breakfast was a huge variety anyway and there were many things that she could have. He sat with us and another couple while we had breakfast both mornings and even played with my daughter at the table while we ate and talked with the other couple.

We had plenty of room for her travel crib in our room. We were able to put her in the crib and close our door and go across the hall to the sitting room to talk. We used our cell phones as make-shift baby monitors.

This is never something we would even consider doing at even the smallest of hotels. We would basically have to lay down and be quiet after she went to bed. Never would we leave her in our hotel room and go all the way to the lobby.

It was just a great experience. If you are ever in Tennessee, you should check out Sonny at the Maplehurst Inn B&B in Knoxville!

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Bed & Breakfast In Knoxville

Oct 14, 2012
Babyfriendly hotel in Knoxville
by: Paula (EasyBabyLife)

Thank you Rachel,

Knowing about baby-friendly places to stay is always useful.

For anyone considering a stay at Maplehurst Inn, you'll find their website here. (Opens in new window.)

And for anyone wondering why on earth to visit Knoxville, Tennessee, here are a few reasons:

Knoxville Zoo is not a huge zoo, but a friendly one and not too expensive. They have some 900 animals, including tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, many birds and reptiles to mention some. Children under 2 years are free and it is possible to buy ticket online. Visit the Knoxville Zoo website here.

World's Fair Park is a beautiful, relatively new (1982) park, with fountains to get wet in, waterfalls and a big playground. Great for a warm summer day! Read about World’s Fair Park's attractions here.

Dollywood is Dolly Parton's park. It is a theme park with attractions for most ages. They have baby care centers and children under 4 years go in for free. Here is Dollywood's homepage.

If you know more kid friendly activities around Knoxville, please share them here!


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