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by Esmer

My baby is 10 months and is teething. She is also coming up with her third tooth but she has white cloudy stuff in her mouth. What can it be and how can we help this go away?


Baby Help Line:

How To Tell If Baby Has Oral Thrush Or Not

What you describe might be oral baby thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection that isn’t dangerous and often clears without treatment.

Does the white stuff rubb off easily? If it does, then is might very well just be milk scum. No need to worry then. But if the white cannot be rubbed off easily, sits in patches and not only on the tongue, then thrush would be my guess.

In many cases, baby thrush will clear without treatment. However, if there is a lot of white stuff in your baby’s mouth, if she’s had it for a long time or if she seems to be bothered by it, then try to treat it.

Sometimes babies can also get diaper rash from thrush, if it spreads through the body. If you suspect that, contact a pediatrician.

You can find symptoms, pictures and several treatment tips for baby thrush here.

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