Too Soon is Just Right

by Kathy
(Washington State)

Our daugher was almost three years old when her little brother arrived six weeks early. We were living in Hawaii at the time.

The baby was due at Thanksgiving and it was two weeks before Halloween. Our daughter went to a pre-natal visit with me and everything checked out well.

As soon as we got home I began to have horrible cramps. I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew something was wrong.

I called my husband at work and he rushed home and drove us both to the hospital. Then he had to go home and find a baby sitter for our toddler.

By the time he returned our second child was here. The baby barely waited until I was out of the elevator before he made his appearance into the world. I remember crying during the delivery because I knew that he was early and I was worried about his health. I kept yelling "it's too soon; it's too soon!

All turned out well, however. Although he looked like a wrinkled little old man when he was born and suffered from mild jaundice, he was basically fine.

In a couple of months he won the "chubbiest cheeks" award in a baby photo contest. The best part of the whole experience was that by the time I figured out what was happening he was here!

The birth was painful and scary and there was no time for any medication, but it was quick and miraculous and he has brought much joy to our lives.

Premature Birth

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