The Scariest and Best Day of My Life

by allison
(martinez, ga )

It was my birthday and I was expecting first to go to the doctor for my normal checkup and then go out to eat to celebrate. I had been on bed rest for two months, but I was just going to sneak in a quick dinner with my hubby before I had to hit the bed again and in three days I was scheduled to be induced.

I went to the doctor that morning and of course was expecting for him to check me and then be on my merry way. Boy was I wrong.. He checked me and said "How would you like to have this baby today?" I thought he was kidding, I was 39 weeks into my pregnancy, but I wasn't ready, I didn't even have my bag packed since I was going to be induced in 3 days! Well, the doctor told me, "change in plans, head on over to the hospital and get ready to be a mommy"

Little did I know, this was going to be a LONG night..

I was scared to death and didn't know what to expect since this was my first child. I was quickly told to put a gown on and they put an IV in me and gave me some meds to induce my pregnancy.

Well, as I started contracting my baby's heart beat went really low. With every contraction, the heart rate was going really low and it was a touchy situation. I was told "time for an emergency c-section"

Everything went so fast, they shaved me, got me prepped and they cut out my little girl. She was only 4 lbs and she had some lanugo on her.

The doctor thought I was sleeping and made that comment that if we had waiting the three days when we were supposed to be induced that she wouldn't have made it.

We found out later that the umbilical cord was bad and she wasn't getting any food or nutrients. I was the size of a house, and of course I gained over 100 pounds "for the baby" . We only stayed in the hospital for two night and everything went well. Needless to say, she's 11 now and you would never know that we had such a hard time on her birthday!

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