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How To Break Pacifier Dependence For Baby

by Kerry (Alabama) Please help me get a good night’s sleep! My 4 month old is pacifier dependent and wakes up 2-3 times a night because she has lost it out of her mouth. She is not waking because she is hungry.She just needs her attachment! What to do? Baby Help Line: How To Break Pacifier Dependence For Baby Gently …

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5-Month-Old Baby Refusing to Sleep

by Felicity (Richmond, VA) My 5-month-old baby will not nap during the day or sleep at night without an all out battle. He cries, screams, yells, stiffens up, arches his back, tears pouring down his face, etc. when it is nap time or bedtime. I know he is tired as he can barely keep his eyes open and when he …

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Infant Sleeping In Car Seat – Safe Or Not?

Infant sleeping in car seat

by Olga My 2 month old daughter falls asleep and has a good 2-4hs sleep only if I let my baby sleep in her car seat… I worry if it’s safe for her backbone and health in general. I’d really appreciate your opinion and advice. By the way, I’m very happy I ran across your site – I’ve found it …

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