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My 7 Month Baby is Not Pooping for Weeks?!!

by Dana (ny) My 7 month baby has not been pooping for already 14 days. The last 3 month he is pooping very rarely. He is still breastfeeding and we give him some food: oat cereal, fruit and vegetables; but not a lot. We went to the doctor; he said that he is ok. But I’m not so sure about …

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7 Month Old Baby Has Diarrhea Suddenly – Why?

My 7 month old baby has diarrhea and is not teething. He poops at least 7-10 times a day,but previously he used to poop only twice a day, our doctor advised to change to lactose free, when has diarrhea but it is not working, please advice. Baby Help Line: Possible Reasons For Diarrhea In 7 Month Old The number of …

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