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Parent’s Tips On Sheboygan, WI With Kids

My husband and I took our son to the Blue Harbor Hotel in Sheboygan WI when he was 3. The hotel is perched on the shores of Lake Michigan with a gorgeous beach and an awesome view.

We chose this place because:

  • The hotel’s location on the water and
  • It has a water park inside and
  • Sheboygan is a quaint town with lots to offer.

In town, we enjoyed going to the Above and Beyond Children’s Museum that offered fun and educational activities for all ages.

We also went to Bookworm Gardens, which is an amazing place created as a collection of gardens inspired by popular children’s books, like Charlotte’s Web, Where the Wild Things Are, Pooh, Goldilocks, and many others. I don’t know about older children, but young children who might have heard these stories (or even if not) will love the place. And it’s free! :-)

The Blue Harbor hotel itself is a great attraction for children. The pool offers a lazy river, zero-depth pools, water pulleys for kids to play with complete with giant squirt guns, floating alligator islands to rest on as a kid swims in the pool, slides galore, hoops and in water basketball, hot tubs, and the best was a giant pirate ship that would slowly fill with water high above and then dump gobs of water down upon anyone brave enough to stand underneath.

There were tons of kid activities, game rooms, and each night the kids were encouraged to come to the lobby in their jammies for bedtime story read by someone in costume (mermaid, fish, pirate, etc..) followed by milk and cookies! How great is that?!

The dining offered an array of themed venues for both the young and old. And we chose a room with a sea theme (vs a regular room) complete with a fish tank.

A short walk outside the hotel put us on boardwalks along side the harbor where there were tons of unique shops and dining establishments.

And across from the hotel was the Fun Zone with games, climbing walls, etc.

We will certainly go again!

Video of Sheboygan

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