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sea world and animal kingdom with baby or toddler

Mom’s review: Our visit to Sea World and Animal Kingdom with our baby (toddler)

We took our son to Orlando and it turned out to be a very baby-friendly vacation spot.

This was an extended family trip that included my parents, my sister and her husband. We had a great time.

What helped to make this trip so enjoyable was the fact that we stayed in a 3 bedroom condo. I would highly recommend this for parents traveling with small children. The full kitchen and extra space was a lifesaver!!

First Sea World

The first theme park we did was Sea World. We spent the whole day there and enjoyed every minute of it. We rented a stroller and brought packed snacks and drinks in his baby bag. In this park, our son loved the shows in particular.

Only one year old, he was a bit too young for most rides, but there are plenty of kiddie rides if your child is just a little bit older. I look forward to visiting again, CHeck out some of the rides in this video:

Kiddie Rides at Sea World

Then Animal Kingdom

I was a little bit worried that the second day would be a disaster – simply too many impressions in just two days for our son. Not so! We rented a stroller and brought snacks for him this day too. We had absolutely no problems at the gate since it was for “the baby”.

He turned 1 that day at the Animal Kingdom. A wonderful memory. He looked and looked at all the animals. And now afterward, he looks at the pictures and names all of the animals.

He was also very excited when Timon came along!

You can check out this video for tips when taking young kids to Animal Kingdom. :-)

Animal Kingdom with Little Kids: It's More Than Just a Zoo

Tips for visiting both parks

Some of the things to remember to have a successful visit to either of these parks are:

  • Plan ahead! Both parks are very big and it will be much more fun if you have checked out the parks online, read about the rides, shows, animals and so on, so you know a little bit about what will be fun for both you and your children.
  • Plan for plenty of rest and for variation! Vary between shown, strolls, rides and so on. That will make the day much more fun!
  • Bring the right clothing – including swimwear and swim shoes for anyone old enough to walk! If it is hot outside, there are wonderful splash pads. Bring a couple of towels too!
  • Make sure to hydrate and also to know for sure were nursing stations, restrooms, diaper changing stations are. If your little one is just of diapers – bring new underwear for accidents. So much fun is going on that any kid might forget to tell you they need to go.
  • Plan for naps! Try to keep your baby’s nap schedule. It might be nice for you too with a little pause and you’ll have a much happier kid.

In conclusion, although our son won’t remember it, he really enjoyed seeing the animals and the shows at Sea World and Animal Kingdom.

It was a very enjoyable trip and we are making plans for another next year… before he’s three so he can get in free!

Have you also visited any of the parks or do you plan to? Let us know your thoughts or tips by commenting below!

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  1. Tamara

    We went to Sea World too, but in San Antonio, Texas. It really is a great place to vacation with your family – including the littlest members.

    The water park area in Sea World itself is best for ages 10 and under, but the lack of deep pools means you can let toddlers toddle about. Our son loved it!

    The ship net play area (replica of a ship with climbing nets) is a thrill for older children while the huge sand boxes on each side are a good diversion for babies and toddlers.

    The roller coasters are mostly off limits for children under 5, but the kiddie area has many diversions just for babies.

    The soft shape room, shaded and netted, holds up to 20 infants and toddlers, with a soft mat floor for them to crawl about.

    Sea World San Antonio actually had lots of changing tables in all the bath rooms, and adequate bathrooms in their restaurants (though not always in the bathrooms between rides).

    Shamu’s show is exciting for any child over one year. The other animal shows are accessible and understandable by children and babies of any age.

    I also love how many indoor exhibits, like the jellyfish and aquarium, are air conditioned. Especially so in the summer.

    I don’t recommend the water ski show with young children. It’s not interesting enough for little ones, and the motors can scare very young children.

    The full fledged water park next door to Sea World San Antonio is less amenable to young children, but the full Sea World (original) part is very much designed for all ages.

    Sea World San Antonio is a wonderful baby friendly (and other kids as well as adults) vacation spot. Just thought I add to your review since I happened to find it! :-)