Quick Labor With Baby No 2!

by Morgan
(Loxahatchee, FL)

It all started around 1 or 2am when I was 39 weeks and 3 days...

I was having what I thought were just Braxton Hicks contractions...

So I thought nothing of it. Finally they started getting a little stronger, and still didn't think anything of it.. Around 5am I started timing them, and they were 5 minutes apart, but no pain, just pressure..

FINALLY, at 5:50am I was laying in bed, when I felt a POP and I stood up and my water had broken!

I had just moved to another city from where my doctor was (an hour and a half away), so my husband and I got up, rushed to get our 2 year old ready. Threw everything in the car, dropped my son off at daycare, got to the hospital by 7:45 AM.

Went to the triage unit (got there about 8am). They checked me I was 5cm (Keep in mind I was 3cm at my 38 week appointment), and they verified my water had broken. They brought me over to the delivery area by 8:30 am and by that time I was 8 cm. By the time I got over to the delivery area I was in EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

I was begging for the epidural, but they couldn't give it to me until I signed the release form, but I couldn't sign the release form because I was in so much pain!

Finally by 8:50 I got the epidural, and they checked me again and I was fully dilated! They called the doctor in, I pushed for about 30 minutes..

And gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 7 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches!

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