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disneyland with a baby and toddler

Here is a mom’s report on visiting Disneyland with a baby and toddler. It worked well for them. How about you?

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Parent’s Tips On Disneyland a Baby or Toddler

by Evelyn
(Oceanside, CA)

We took our eight-month-old daughter and our 2-year-old to Disneyland, CA. The children loved it. While my toddler loved going on the rides, my eight-month-old loved the characters. If you ever hesitated to take babies or toddler to Disneyland, stop worrying! It really works!

The majority of the rides are kid/baby friendly. My eight-month-old went on almost all the rides and I loved hearing all the giggles especially when we went in the Winnie the pooh ride.

One thing we always have trouble is finding bathrooms with changing tables, however, Disneyland had them in every bathroom. There were even diaper dispensers just in case you ran out.

In some of the convenient stores in the park, they sell items like sun block and other little things just in case you run out or just forget in the midst of it.

Disneyland also offers strollers in case you do not want to bring your own. While I find that great, we took our own and loaded it up with snacks and drinks for the family.

Also, the kids got buttons for it being their first trip to Disneyland, the workers were so friendly and my daughters loved the parade.

Even though they were too young to remember the trip when they get older, Disneyland is definitely a place that is kid friendly and the no matter what age they are they will love.

Tips For Planning Your Trip to Disneyland With Children

Video of Disneyland With a Baby


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How about you? Have you been to Disneyland with young children? How was it? Share by leaving a comment below!


May 09, 2018Lost Blanket Disaster At DisneyLand, CA
by: Alicia

I agree; Disneyland is great for a family with babies. Let me tell you about our experience, to give you an idea about the service level.

Last year my husband and I decided to take our kids on a trip to Disneyland. We had been before with our oldest son but had not been back since having our two youngest kids. So, we decided to go all out and make it really special by staying at the Disneyland Hotel.

My youngest son was 14 months old at the time and had a white blanket that he carried with him everywhere. We could not leave the house without it, he wouldn’t sleep without it, etc. So, of course, the blanket came to Disneyland with us.

On our second to last morning at the resort and park, we had breakfast at Goofy’s Buffet. My son fell asleep while we were eating and did not wake up until we were walking into the theme park. When he started fussing, I looked for his blanket and to my extreme horror, could not find it anywhere. My son kept getting more and more upset, and my husband and I started panicking because we could find the blanket. I knew we had it at the restaurant, so I rushed back to the hotel with my baby while my husband and two older kids went on to the theme park.

Back at the hotel, I explained my situation about the lost blanket to both the hotel staff and restaurant staff. They were amazing and immediately started looking everywhere. One staff member even went down to the laundry room to see if it had been picked up by mistake with the linens. We had no luck finding it before we left, and my family had a miserable flight home.

It never did turn up, but the staff was amazing with the search and later doing whatever they could to entertain my son and calm him down.

The service at Disneyland is amazing when you have a baby. I can really recommend it despite our blanket disaster.

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