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how choose nursing tank top

Whether you want a few super practical everyday nursing tank tops to wear and tear and throw away or a top quality one that will last for this baby and the next you’ll find our top recommendations here.

Nursing AND looking good is entirely possible. And breastfeeding in public without showing is also possible with the right nursing bra and clothes.

When you pick your nursing top, make sure that it is:

  • Machine-washable (and preferably tumble-dry)
  • NOT transparent or with too thin fabrics
  • Not too tight
  • In light colors or patterns if you plan to use it somewhere where you don’t feel like showing up spit ups too clearly
  • Easy to use for breastfeeding (obviously), and
  • Works well together with your nursing bra – or as a nursing bra, with enough support, if the tank top has a built-in nursing bra
  • Covers your post-pregnancy belly if you want it to. (Who doesn’t..?)

Tips on Some Great Nursing Tank Tops

Here are our favorite picks at the moment!

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

UnderCover Mama nursing tank top This is a new love of mine… I just discovered Undercover Mama’s nursing tank and I love it!

It functions as an undershirt with a very smart invention; a clip that can be attached to the nursing bra. So when you open the nursing bra flap, you open this tank top also, but really only over the breast. So your belly, back, and sides are still completely covered by the top.

Check out the nursing tank by Undercover Mama here.

Leading Lady Women’s Empire Waist Nursing Cami with Lace Back

leading lady nursing tank topThis nursing tank is very nice, and a bit unusual in its design. It won’t show of any baby fat by accident… One drawback – it is NOT machine washable – but having one TOP that needs hand washing sould be OK, don’t you think?

The material is soft and high quality and it is still very affordable.

Check out this fancy top here.

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top

glamourmom full bust nursing tankAnother Glamourmom quality tank top that comes in a few different colors. This one is designed to provide extra breast support for those who need it. The material is thick enough to hide your breast pads and high quality enough to survive machine washing many times. The top is also created long, to hide your tummy. A great choice!

Check out the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top here.

Bella Materna Women’s Anytime Nursing Cami

Bella Materna Women’s Anytime Nursing CamiHere’s a really nice and quite expensive nursing tank top, that you can definitely use as it is. The only thing it doesn’t do is to keep your boobs hidden while you breastfeed. But it is a top quality top!

The Bella Materna top can be found here.

Bravado! Maternity Nursing Tanks

Bravado! Maternity Nursing TanksMaybe the Bravado brand doesn’t need any presentation, but in case you have missed it, this is a very popular brand for nursing tank tops and bras.

This top comes with a built in bra, which actually support the breasts.

The material is also quite thick, so it hides nursing pads pretty well (although not so well if you buy a white top). However, the top is quite revealing, so you might need to find a private place for nursing…

Read more about the Bravado! Maternity Nursing Tanks here.

So, these where my five favorite nursing tank tops at the moment. Most of them are machine washable and all of them are high quality and nice fitting. I also like it when the material is relatively thick – so that nursing pads are invisible.

Which nursing tank tops are your favorites (or not!)? Help another breastfeeding mom, by commenting below. :-)

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  1. daz

    Bun Maternity breastfeeding tanks are great for discreet, fashionable, and easy nursing as well:) They are made in USA, great quality, and are every moms wardrobe essential.

    1. Evana

      Hey I just got mine in the mail today they sell bun maternity nursing tanks in Canada! Not only a great nursing top but very practical thanks for your suggestion -Evana

      1. Jenna hansel

        I also got mine in canada!! Love bun maternity. They are in Ontario. I will be getting more for baby two soon but I need to get the colors, they are super super cute! I only have blk n grey. Love these nursing tanks for grocery store shopping and feeling all at once.