Nine days over due, beginning to think my baby didn't want to meet me in person.

by Christine
(Central coast, Australia.)

Nine days over due, I was beginning to think my baby boy didn't love me enough to meet me in person...

It was 12.05 am and I was keen to meet my little man. Already 2 cm dilated for  two days, after settling into the birthing room and settling the paper work two hours later we're ready for the first part of induction. The gel.

CTG for 40 minutes then sleep and wait.

6 hours later not much happening and only 3cm dilated, my doctor breaks my waters at 8 o'clock in the morning and after getting cleaned up I walked around, moved my hips as much as I could while conserving my energy, to move things along.

While bubs position and health was excellent he was stubborn and wasn't coming out.

An hour later I get my first contraction, small and barely there.

As I had not taken any birthing classes, but my midwives talked me through breathing and relaxing, telling me to release all the tension from my shoulders, my hands, legs, back everything while keeping my breathing deep and even and to simply concentrate on doing that.

My pain management was to see how I went and was hoping to only have gas and air. I had read a lot on birthing and felt prepared with what I had read.

Gradually my contractions started to build up, but still manageable, it was a cramp like feeling starting in my lower belly on my left side then swept across to my right and finishing near my back then it was over.

Every contraction I what I call "powered down" relaxing my shoulders and hands and legs while resting my head on my fiancées head to completely relax, breathing deep and even. I continued this process, during stage one not a scream, not a raised voice and not a bad word said to my fiancé. Just a finger over his lips when I was not amused. If i were to lose my control I would struggle to get it back.

Five hours later with contractions getting closer and more painful I decide that I want something to help me deal with it, they suggest morphine. Getting ready for that I lay down and start to feel more pressure on my cervix so the midwife checked me thinking it may be time soon.

I could tell things were getting closer when more people were going in and out of the room and the baby Table being switched on and checked. My midwife tells me I'm 8cm now! Already I feel the want to push but I can't so they give me gas and air.

My baby's heart rate began dipping when I'd lay on my side which started to worry the midwife. Soon the doctor was in and after a little while of fighting the very strong urge to push and having a local in case of an episiotomy, I get the all clear to push! Hallelujah!

On my next contraction I push! Sending my fiancées hand purple. After a few pushes doctor shows my parter the baby's head. But as I stop pushing the baby's head goes back up. The doctor, after another few pushes decides bub needs help. A vacuum is  required to keep bub in place after each push. He cuts me to allow more room, as much as I had not liked the idea before hand I found myself not giving a damn. I wanted my baby safe and out.

Soon I hear someone mention the cord being around his neck. But I didn't dwell on that thought, it just made me more determined to get him out. Three more contractions pushing with all my might to get my baby boy to safety and his head is out, one more and next thing I know little boy is ON my tummy instead of in.

I was in shock he was here! I looked at him, he was purple! Then I see the white normal colour skin where the cord was. Three times! Then I hear his cry, straight after the cord was removed he had taken his first breath.

My partner cut the cord but I don't remember that happening, from then on it was me and baby Jordan in our own little world, they lay him on my chest and I offered him his first Boobie, which he took to straight away no problem! My fiancé couldn't wait to hold him, do full of pride, for both Jordan and I.

Jordan is now 8 weeks and thriving! Born 3.14pm 3.6kg 50.5cm long. He now weighs 4.4kg and is 60cm long. I too am proud of our perfect little boy, Jordan.

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Nine days over due, beginning to think my baby didn't want to meet me in person.

Jan 12, 2012
Congratulations on your baby boy!
by: Paula

Congratulations Christine!

Thanks a lot for sharing your detailed birth story. I am happy to hear everthing went so well at last. How are you healing from the cut?

I bet your baby loved you enough to want to stay inside of you rather than departing... ;-)

Warm wishes,


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