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by Helen Marsh

My baby is 1 year is not peeing and all she has been doing today is sleeping. What do you think I should do, she has had a dry nappy for over 20 hours.
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Sleepy Baby Not Peeing

I don’t know if your daughter sleeps because she is ill or because she is dehydrated or both. Either way you need to get her to drink. 20 hours is a very long time with a dry nappy for such a little friend.

Contact her doctor immediately to see if she needs a check up and also immediately start giving her liquid; water or some fluid replacement from the pharmacy suitable for babies. Try giving her 1 tea spoon every 5 minutes for an hour more or less asleep if possible, then let her sleep for an hour and then start again. If she’s awake, try giving her more unless it makes her throw up.

Or – of course – follow the instructions from her doctor! DO NOT wait with contacting ER or her doctor.

I wish you good luck,

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Oct 04, 2013

My baby refused drinking

by: Anonymous

My little one was the same and pressed her lips together if you went near her with liquid of any form!

I am using a syringe and having to force it in, end up having most of it spat out tho!!

Oct 12, 2013

Sick or in pain?

by: Paula (Easybabylife)


Do you have any idea why your baby refuses to drink? Can it be a sore throat, teething or nausea?

In addition to making sure your baby gets the liquid, you need to figure out why this is happening if you haven’t already. If your baby may be in pain, you may want to try Baby Tylenol to mitigate the pain. Thirst is such a primary instinct, so when a baby refuses, something is likely to be wrong. Contact a doctor if this continues.

I hope your baby is better soon,


Jan 24, 2014

my baby is really ill
by: leanne

hi there,
My 13month old daugher is really ill she only come out of hospital this morning coz she not drinking or weeing, she had to have pipe down her enose, there said if she doesn’t get better than go back, but she has been drinking bits she had about 10oz all day,and had 1 wee at 6 this morning n 1 at 10:30am and none seen she not eating and everytime she has had the milk 5mins later she has filled her nappie she has had 4 seen 12:15pm but its just like water so im not sure if its all the milk she has had or will she would of had the milk of the pooing? she has gastroenteritis she has lost weight from over nite yesurday she had lost a pound and she was allso dehyrated there olny took pipe out this morning and sent us home, so im not sure what to do?? thanks

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    Paula Rodrigues

    Hi my 27 moth old has not peed for 24 hur but no fiver and she has been drinking and eating and pretty mach played all day should I take her to er

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