Momma's Always Right!!

by Misty
(Ellabell, GA, USA)

Christian Filip... 9.15.05

Christian Filip... 9.15.05

Well, my story begins with a bit of a history lesson on ME LOL. Christian is my 4th baby... My first 3 tried to come out early... was stopped... then had to be started again when time did come!! (My two boys were about a week AT LEAST late.. My daughter was about 10 days past due date... )

SO I am an old pro at this you can say, lol. With my first one I KNEW I was leaking early on & told my "know it all" doctor... he told me basically that I was nuts & that I wasn't leaking.. but when Ricky came out I was just about dry... So I was right..

SO moving on to Christian, my youngest... I knew what this was all about.. They kept doing U/S's on me because I was always going into pre-term labor... I spent 3 weeks in the hospital with my second son (my second baby) due to my water leaking... it healed itself up & I went home though lol.

So we were at home that day (september 14th)... Now real quick. My online friends & I had a "joke" I told them that Christian HAD To be born on September 15th because it was the only day that fit in (All our important dates are in different months but fall on: 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14) Of course I could never MAKE him come early, LOL.

Okay.. we were at home & I sat in our office chair & told my husband I felt real wet... So I went & changed came back & once again was wet...

I KNOW I didnt pee myself LOL.

SO we called the doctors & they told me they didn't think it was possible but come on in & they will check me...

We got to the office & the did an u/s (Said he was 7lbs already!!).. they measured my water & said it was fine... Did that stupid strip test (I hate that thing. it is NEVER right, lol) & said it was negative... Sent me home...

We got home. I sat down and yup almost a gush of water.. SO we called again & they said just go to the hospital... We got there with my mom & my kids lol.

The lady basically thought I was nuts since nothing was there... She tested my pad & undies & of course nothing.. They even stood me on my head & then lowered me down real quick... Nothing...

My mom left & we were getting ready. I remember vividly LOL. I was standing in the bathroom door way & YELLED for the nurses... I told her (now mind you I have my undies half way on & my shirt already on & everything LOL. Had to be a site to see LOL) CHECK ME NOW!!! So she did.. Sure enough Positive!! (I did let out a big ol TOLD YOU SO LOL)

So I called my mom back in (she was in the parking lot) she didn't believe me & then came back up.

Heck, the doctor didn't even believe me. When he got there he told me he would "see if I would start on my own" before he induced me & would be back at 6 am to induce me...

I begged him to start NOW Since I NEVER start on my own but of course I have no clue what I am talking about (insert eye roll here lol)

6am comes around & so does the pitocin.. I told all the nurses I dont wan't pain meds.. Don't give me pain meds & don't mention them LOL.

All was peachy keen. Every once in a while I would say oww but that was about it. It was very easy. But when the doctor checked me he said if I didn't go by 3pm he was going to do a c-section... my fear... I was so sad & scared & upset...

I kept making myself sit up (it would bring the contractions on) & he (the doctor & even the nurses) would push me back down... (the baby's heartbeat was fine) So we went back & forth.. Nothing happening..

It was 3pm... My husband was sitting on the bed with me.. I was sitting up... I YELLED at him & told him "I'm Crowning" that is all I said... I swear people appeared out of no where LOL. They were all around me like flys on a.... well you get the idea.

By 3:15 Christian was out. The doctor was yelling dont push... I was yelling back I'm not! I think I HAD to push maybe 2 times? 1 before shoulders & 1 after. Christian came out so fast he bruised his poor little face.

It was all over so quickly. There was a time (pushing/delivery) I was yelling at my nurse telling her to give me Demeral or Staydal or whatever.. something LOL. But she yelled back at me & told me I didn't need it that I could do it.. and she was right...

He came out at 5lbs 13oz & 5 weeks early.. On September 15th 2005...

We named him Christin Filip (pronounced Philip)

I would do it again in a heartbeat... I loved my birth.. And I love it when Mom is right lol. :-)

Thank you for reading!!

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Momma's Always Right!!

Oct 09, 2009
that's great
by: Claire

Cool! I think the doctors definitely do need to listen to the moms more. It's nice that the nurse reminded you you didn't need the pain meds though. Good job Mom!

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