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Milwaukee, WI Vacation – Baby Friendly! Here’s What We Did On Our Trip

Milwaukee, Wi Vacation
Happy hippo at Milwaukee county zoo
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Parent’s Tips On Milwaukee, WI

by A happy mom

Milwaukee, WI, was a great place to travel with a baby.
When my daughter was three years old and my son was six months old, we drove from Tucson, Arizona, to Milwaukee, WI, to visit my family. Though I grew up in Milwaukee, I gained a new perspective on the city after traveling there with a baby.

On the way to Milwaukee, we realized that my son had pink eye. At 9pm, we pulled into a children’s urgent care where he was seen and treated right away. I was impressed with the fact that they had an urgent care specifically for children. Also, the staff knew that we were traveling, so they gave us free samples of the medication since we didn’t have a home pharmacy. You never want to have to see a doctor on vacation, especially for your six month old baby, but it’s nice to know that if you need it, they’re available.

While in Milwaukee we did all sorts of fun things with the kids. We went to the Bayshore Mall and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Since the renovation, the mall looks like its own little town, and the kids were fascinated.

We went to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Though my son was only six months old, he had a great time watching the animals.

Milwaukee also had plenty of beaches where we could just sit and relax… lay out a blanket and let the baby roll around while our three year old played in the sand.

You can also visit Discovery World with an aquarium and interesting exhibitions (not only for kids!) and Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, which is interactive museum for children. Then there are of course, museums, parks, the Brady street, which is fun for watching people and a lot more. We didn’t have time this time to do everything and our youngest is still a baby, so we’ll come back and do more.

The best part of going to Milwaukee with a baby was the helpful and friendly attitude of the residents. Everywhere we went, people held doors open for us and smiled at my son. When he got fussy or cranky, we didn’t get a single dirty look across the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a family friendly place to travel, and you have an infant or child, I highly recommend Milwaukee, WI.

Video Gallery of Milwaukee

Watch the videos below to learn more about things to do and places to visit in Milwaukee.
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