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  • Post last modified:December 25, 2020

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Parent’s Tips On Lake George, NY With A Baby

by Megan
(New Hampshire)

When our son was just a month old, we rented a cabin in Lake George, New York. The cabin was right on the lake, so we didn’t have to get into our car to drive to the lake. The cabin also had two bedrooms, an eat-in-kitchen, and a living room. It worked out great because our son was still able to have his own space, especially during nighttime feedings.

This was the perfect vacation to take with a baby. We didn’t need to fly and once we got to Lake George, there were many baby-friendly activities:

  • We were able to take long walks along the lake with him.
  • We were able to take a boat cruise in the middle of the afternoon with him as he slept in his stroller.
  • There are outlets right outside the village of Lake George, so we were able to shop as he napped.
  • Also, Lake George is a family-friendly place, so eating at a restaurant with a baby was welcomed.

And for the times we didn’t want to eat out, we were able to cook in the kitchen in our cabin.

Overall, a relaxing and stress-free place to vacation with a newborn. When he gets older, we’ll try more activities, such as hiking, theme parks, mini-golf, and lots of other attractions around Lake George. We look forward to coming back!

Video of Lake George, NY

This video will show you how beautiful Lake George is!

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We are thinking about visiting either Lake George or Finger Lakes. Anyone who has an opinion on which is better? We have a 2-year-old.

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